Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Remote for iTunes Pro – FREE and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Remote for iTunes Pro – FREE and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Remote for iTunes Pro – FREE

Turn iTunes into myTunes with Remote For iTunes Pro. No more fumbling to find your favorite artist, playlist or tune. with Remote For iTunes Pro turns your Android into an iTunes remote so you get more out of your tunes and more out of your ‘Droid.

Remote For iTunes Pro isn’t some stripped down, do-nothing app. In fact, you can surf through your music downloads like you channel surf from the couch. Quick, easy and simply simple.

• Use Android’s Wi-Fi to control iTunes on your PC or Mac – remotely – from anywhere in the house.

• Scan your downloads any way you want – by artist, by album, by playlist or song title, and take control of your music. Remote For iTunes Pro makes choosing tunes easy.

• Remote For iTunes Pro puts you in complete control. Play, pause, stop, fast forward or rewind any tune with a click– just like your TV remote. Only better.

• Switch to DJ mode and be surprised as downloads play in random order. Let your Android be the DJ. You just sit back and enjoy.

• Create play lists to suit your mood or that special occasion and launch that playlist with a single click of your Android. No other iTunes app delivers the control of Remote For iTunes Pro from JaredCo.

• Remote For iTunes Pro is easy to sync on your ‘Droid. Download and you’re locked in to your iTunes collection Remote For iTunes Pro knows what to do.

• Remote For iTunes Pro runs light on juice so you don’t drain your smart phone battery as you pump up the volume. Play it loud, soft or somewhere in between with Remote For iTunes Pro.

• And best of all? Remote For iTunes Pro is FREE, as in: it costs you zip.

Your music collection represents you and your tastes, from rock to Bach, but no matter what your taste in music, Remote For iTunes Pro puts you in control of tune time.

And like every app developed by JaredCo, we design them, we build them and we support them so you know Remote For iTunes Pro works the way a remote should work, adding more function to your Android and easier access to your iTunes collection.

Remote For iTunes Pro is easy, simple to use, convenient, deep in functions and it’s totally free so you have absolutely nothing to lose. And, even though Remote For iTunes Pro is free, JaredCo provides free tech support if you need us.

We’re JaredCo and we make apps with purpose, apps that increase the usefulness of your smart phone.

Download today and take control of your tunes.

Remote For iTunes Pro from JaredCo. You know you gotta have it.

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Latest Android App: MadNumbers

Addicting puzzle and brain streching game.
You can play against phone or you can play 2 players.
Player and an opponent go by turns
player goes only on a horizontal line and
opponent only on a vertical.

Green blocs(positive) add point and
pink (negative)take them away.

You have to plan your move, to recieve
as much as possible point and to trap
your opponent for minimum point.

If there is no available move, game is over.Who has more points he is the winner.

Enjoy it!!

Recent changes:
record bug fixed.

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Latest Android App: KViewHD

KView HD, a creative innovation by KGAURD for real-time multi-device channels viewing on a variety of mobile devices
including Android phones and tablets, makes your desire for security without limitation.

KView HD for Android Tablet.

About KGuard Security Corporation:

KGuard Security is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and focusing on the design and manufacture of video surveillance system products such as NVR, CMS, IP camera, PC based DVR, Standalone DVR, Mobile DVR, CCTV camera, and so on.
KGuard which has successfully entered in U. S., EMDA region (Europe, Middle-East, Africa), Latin America, Australia and South East Asia. provides advanced total solutions with prompt support to worldwide customers.
Living up to its reputation as the best security total solution provider for Best Technology, Best Quality and Best Service, KGuard has an extremely strong R&D team which enables us to turn your dream into reality with the cutting-edge technologies.
YOU ARE ALWAYS MOST SECURED WITH KGUARD – Your security total solutions provider!

Features of KView HD:
- Support for KGAURD SHA Seires DVR.
- DVR address list up to 16 DVRs.
- 4 types of multiple camera layouts(Maximum 16 Channel Viewing simultaneously)
- Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
- Live Snapshot to SD card
- Screen Resolution 1280×800
- No ads

1. Need Android 3.0 or above.
2. support 1024×600 and 1280×800

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Latest Android App: Todobebé

Registra a cada uno de tus bebes/niños escribiendo su fecha esperada de parto o fecha de nacimiento y sigue el desarrollo de tu bebe durante el embarazo y cuando nazca, aprende las diferentes etapas con información nueva cada mes de su vida hasta los 5 años.

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Latest Android App: Koi Zen Water Garden live FREE

Koi Zen Water Garden live wallpaper is most realistic
and beautiful 3D Koi fish in the market!

Our Koi fishes are rendered by professional 3D animator so
they look amazingly real and smooth, dare to compare with others.

To differentiate with other Koi live wallpapers, we added Zen style pond backgrounds that give you feeling of stability and peace of mind.

Koi fish representing strength of character, courage, and perseverance in obtaining difficult goals. Also, symbol of fortune, longevity and family as well.

When you upgrade to FULL version, you get to access all
other types of Koi and 5 more Zen style pond backgrounds.

You will love our live wallpaper, we guarantee it!

- Most realistic and beautiful 3D koi fish
- Adjust quantity of Koi fish
- Can turn on or off elements

*To use live wallpaper:
Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers-> Koi Zen Water Garden live wallpaper

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Latest Android App: Checkout


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Latest Android App: スラムダンク風クイズ



slamdunk,SLAM.DUNK,quiz,スラムダンク,SLAMDUNK,湘北,クイズ,ジャンプ,問題,アニメ,漫画,大人気,人気,売れてる,桜木花道,流川楓,赤木剛憲,ゴリ,宮城 リョータ,三井寿,木暮公延,彩子,牧紳一,清田信長,神宗一郎,藤真健司,赤木晴子,魚住純,仙道彰,山王,


*special thanks*
ナルト,NARUTO,銀魂,ギンタマ,ポケットモンスター,遊戯王,イナズマイレブン,モンスターハンター,ドラゴンクエスト,JIN-仁-,Akinator,アキネイター,angry bird,アングリーバード,マクドナルド,QR,QRコード,モバゲー,mobage,andronavi,Glee,グリー,mixi,ミクシィ,ハンゲーム,Twitter,ツイッター,楽天,アメーバブログ,アメブロ,アメーバピグ,FaceBook,フェイスブック,seesaa,シーサー,ココログ,goo,FC2,yaplog,ヤプログ,LiveDoor,ライブドア,ニコニコ動画,YouTube,ユーチューブ,ヤフオク,Amazon,アマゾン,Evernote,DMM,ZOZOTOWN,クックパッド,じゃらん,JRA,価格コム,BeeTV,bump,NAVITIME,ameba,ぐるなび,ニコニコ,edy,Skype,スカイプ,カカオトーク,美人天気,ジャグラー,エヴァンゲリオン,エヴァ,ガンダム,花火,妄想電話,radiko,無音,きせかえ,akb48,英語,英会話,PUFF,adobe,ustream,abc,chrome,

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Latest Android App: Đào vàng

Game đào vàng kinh điển nay đã có mặt trên Android. Bạn sẽ vào vai một "ông già gân" ôm mộng làm giàu giữa vùng Alaska hoang dã. Tuy nhiên chặng đường thành đại gia còn rất dài với nhiều hiểm nguy.

Nhiệm vụ của "ông già gân" là sử dụng chiếc ngoàm và ròng rọc để khai thác vàng và các báu vật khác từ lòng đất. Chiếc ngoàm sẽ đu đưa qua lại. Nhấp vào lòng đất để hạ thiết bị. Khi ngoàm đã chụp được món đồ nào đó nó sẽ tự động kéo lên.

Những vật nặng như đá và các tảng vàng lớn sẽ khó kéo hơn. Những chiếc túi có dấu hỏi có thể chứa tiền, nước tăng lực hoặc mìn.

Khi gắp phải một vật không mong muốn và trong túi đồ của bạn có mìn, bạn có thể nhấp vào vật đó hoặc quả mìn để ném mìn phá hủy vật thể.

Giữa các màn chơi bạn có thể mua các vật phẩm hữu ích giúp bạn hoàn thành mục tiêu ở cửa tiếp theo. Nếu bạn không đạt chỉ tiêu vào cuối cửa sẽ bị gameover. Tiền của bạn được tích lũy từ cửa trước sang cửa sau.

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Latest Android App: 애정앱(애정남)

개그콘서트의 인기코너 애정남의 내용을 정리했습니다.

간략한 정리가 아니라 전체 스크립트가 모두 기록되어 있습니다. 따라서 간단한 정리 만으로 발생할 수 있는 오해(?)를 미연에 방지하였습니다.

일자별, 키워드 검색, 메모기능을 지원하며 내용은 매주 업데이트됩니다.

이제 싸우지 말고 애정남이 정해준 대로 결정합시다.

ㅋㅋㅋ 입니다.

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Latest Android App: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

Mit dem mobilen Begleiter zur Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2011 im Großraum Erlangen-Nürnberg-Fürth sind Sie allzeit informiert und können sich zu Fuß oder mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln durch die Nacht führen lassen.

Damit Sie garantiert auf dem richtigen Weg bleiben, stellt ROSE Routing Service ein System zur Verfügung, das Sie bei der Planung im Vorfeld unterstützt und durch den Abend lenkt. Sie können auf der Webseite unter aus den angebotenen Veranstaltungen eine gezielte Auswahl in Ihrem virtuellen Warenkorb sammeln. Diese Informationen können Sie anschließend auf Ihr Android-Smartphone übertragen. Das System generiert Ihnen dann eine ganz persönliche Tour. Diese steht als Karten- oder Textansicht zur Verfügung, und kann jederzeit spontan abgeändert werden.

Zu Hause oder Unterwegs
Übertragen Sie Ihre auf der Webseite ausgewählten Verantaltungen auf Ihr Smartphone oder wählen Sie Veranstaltungen direkt auf dem Smartphone aus. Markieren Sie Veranstaltungen, die Sie auf jeden Fall sehen wollen und solche, die Sie gerne besuchen würden, wenn Sie gut in den Plan passen.

Keine Zeit oder Lust, alle Veranstaltungen durch zu sehen?
Dann geben Sie auf dem Smartphone Ihre Vorlieben für bestimmte Fachrichtungen an und lassen Sie sich automatisch eine Rundreise generieren.

Nicht ganz zufrieden mit der vorgeschlagenen Tour?
Dann haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Tour zu modifizieren. Fügen Sie Veranstaltungen hinzu, verschieben Sie schon vorhandene Veranstaltungen oder ändern Sie die eingeplante Verweildauer.

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Latest Android App: Natures Arms SHIENKO

SHIENKO is a compelling science-fiction thriller set in the future about two racially segregated empires at war. The series focuses on the titular SHIENKO band of mercenaries who are using highly advanced technology, stealth and espionage to force both sides into a ceasefire.

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Track the Dress

Track all the wedding dresses you love and desire in one app!

It happens time and time again. After a long day of trying on wedding dresses, the bride is left with a pile of various notes, photos and magazine pages summarizing the day’s accomplishments and failures. By using the Track the Dress application, this process can be greatly simplified. Not only can you keep a record of each dress you try on, but you can also keep track of dresses you find online and in magazines. Never before has there been an app that can keep you so organized during one of the most chaotic and important times of your wedding planning process.

Best yet, you can also share all of your dress discoveries online! Just click the option inside the app, and all of your dresses will be uploaded to your own personal website for easy comparing. This feature is also perfect for sharing your dresses with family and friends.

With Track the Dress, you can keep tabs on each dress via pictures and descriptions.

Take a picture of each dress you try on, and you’ll never forget another dress again. Each image will be side by side in this application for you to compare. Right next to each image you can note the designer, price, and all the other details that are important to you.

The app includes examples of every style option you can imagine, so even if you don’t have a picture of the dress yet, you can describe it in perfect detail. Is the silhouette A-line or Mermaid? Do you prefer a Sweetheart or Sabrina neckline? Can’t remember the difference between Tea Length and Cocktail Length? This app has all the details! Perhaps you’ll even discover a great new style that you never considered before.

Give Track the Dress a chance and leave the worries for another day!

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Latest Android App: BBC Food Mobile

Enjoy the best of BBC Food on your mobile. This is a convenient way to visit the BBC Food website and consume its contents at the convenience of your handheld. The app functions as a reference guide to the website with an added usability layer (drawer that opens when hardware menu button is pressed) that allows the user to favourite their desired recipes for later use. You can also share recipes, tehniques, and other useful content through the same drawer.

This is an unofficial app. Not affiliated with the website in any way. It is a tool of convenience, as you can bookmark the site in the browser and achieve the same result. By downloading you agree that you do not hold the developer accountable for any unintended infringement of any kind.

All copyrighted work belong to its respective owner (not the developer of this app). Please support BBC by visiting the website online.

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Latest Android App: BlackBerry Theme Go LauncherEX

This is a new theme for Go launcher ex user.It’s look like blackberry theme style.
Apply the Theme:
-Do Not open directly after it’s installed.
- GO Launcher EX: MENU > theme preferences.
-Choose and apply the theme.
If can’t Change icons:
Some devices will not change the icons automatically.
-Tab and hold an app on desk screens.
-Replace > Choose the theme’s icons.
Thanks for using my themes.Please cheer and vote me for new coming theme.Let me know about error also ^_^

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Latest Android App: Xing Player

◈ Let’s See The Music By Eyes!!!
◈ Live Lyrics That You Never Imagined!!!
◈ The Ultimate Lyrics Search App!!!

※ Never Download This App!!!
If you want to
- hear the music by only ears.
- see only (not synced) TXT lyrics.
- connect to the internet every time.

Some apps are proud of line based sync (LRC)
Are you satisfied? WE DO NOT!
Here we say.
The lyrics should express the song itself!
like the height, the length and even the feeling of the songs.
Are you ready to be surprised?
Let’s go to the new world of lyrics never imagined!

Recent changes:
Bluetooth control, error correction
LRC sync adjustment
Change folder image
Additional languages

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