Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: RoboFonics and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: RoboFonics and Other Apps

Latest Android App: RoboFonics


Cute, fun-loving robots are working hard at the Fonic Factory. Join the assembly line, listen to the beat, and tap the robots to the right rhythm! Work the robots hard but don’t overload them. Let the flow of music brighten your day. Avoid killjoy boss MasterBotrix and help start a robo-revolution!

LudoCraft is proud to publish the first game that really challenges you to listen to and follow the rhythm of music. Help robots complete their job! Each robot has its own special character—pick your favorite!

RoboFonics features

- Combines a visually enchanting rhythm game with puzzle solving
- Use rhythm and melody to solve puzzles
- A non-violent experience that’s easy to pick up
- Robots!
- A catchy, casual atmosphere
- 80 levels, a fun storyline, and two game modes, ‘tap’ and ‘puzzle’
- A carefully designed soundscape for constant fun
- Challenges you to listen and react to the rhythm with care and expert timing
- Numerous cute, unique robots
- Tunes that stick in your head
- The first game that actually makes you listen to the rhythm!
- Did we mention ROBOTS?
- Based on the award-winning PC Mod (first seen in MSUC at SIGGRAPH 2009)

Please use headphones when playing. Our thanks to the awesome rhythm group Stomp and the brilliantly flowing console title Rez for inspiration.

Feel free to post your feedback. We’d love to hear your suggestions!


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Latest Android App: BuddyWorld

Come and meet new people, flirt, chat, just have a good time.

Keywords: Meet, Chat, Flirt, Social, BuddyWorld

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Latest Android App: 3D Airplane

3D Airplane

Options for transparent box
2 different light source
Option to move light
Option to change viewing angle and change background color.
Option for Auto rotation with speed control, or manual control with finger swipe.

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Latest Android App: Battlefield 3 Intel

50 Caliber Inc does it again! After the wildly popular Black Ops Intel we now bring you the ultimate guide for Battlefield 3. Helps you gain an edge over your opponents with the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Battlefield 3 Intel is neither authorized nor endorsed by EA Games or DICE. All images and game content are copyrighted to their respective owners and their use falls under fair use guidelines. This application only gathers, displays, and organizes information for the viewing of the users.

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: HaloBaby Theme GO Launcher EX

===Brief introduction:
Covers icons, wallpaper, folders

interface and app drawer. Get it and have a completely new makeover

of your smartphone with android OS at once!

===Important tips:
***This app only works with GO Launcher EX.
***Install GO Launcher free from the market first.

***How to Apply the Theme:
1.Please Do Not open directly after it’s installed.
2.Back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > theme preferences.
3.Choose and apply the theme.

***Change icons:
Some devices may not change the icons automatically.
1.Tab and hold an app in desk screens.(Not available in app list.)
2.Replace > Choose the theme’s icons.

***Circle Effect:
1.Only works in App list, MENU > Settings > Icon effect > Chariot

Thanks for your support!

katoon;lovely;cute;Android Theme;GO launcher;black;orange;helloween

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Latest Android App: Mr Cocktail Lite

L’application Android de Mr Cocktail Lite vous permet de découvrir gratuitement certain cocktail, originaux, populaires et surprenants. de la version complète. Pour chaque cocktail, vous trouverez la recette précise et officielle, les quantités pour le nombre de personnes que vous choisissez.
Vous organisez une soirée dégustations ?
Ajoutez alors vos cocktails préférés dans la liste VIP, et la liste des ingrédients ainsi que les quantités nécessaires se calculent automatiquement.
A tout moment, secouez énergiquement le téléphone comme un shaker, et vous trouverez alors la suggestion du jour.
Bonne dégustation avec Mr Cocktail Lite !

Recent changes:
- possibilité d’ajouter/supprimer des cocktails VIP avec un appui long sur les listes
- instabilités corrigées

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Latest Android App: RA2

RA2 is a simple solution that will benefit the fasting user to know prayer times and get reminder before Azan with a certain time.
It tells the user the remaining time for next prayer and breakfast we also added A sebha to help users that usually forget while praising Allah,and the user can customize the application to suite his needs.
The ease of use:
The app depends on the touch technology as the only input method to deal with the app and to give commands to it.
Also the app generates vibrations and sounds that enable the user to deal with the app even if the user doesn’t see the screen ,which make the app support a unique solution for the blinds and the Visually impaired people,beside the intertaining graphical user interface that put the normal user all the time in the special Ramadan environment.

App Language:
we used Arabic as the only user interface language.
Because the app targets the arab users in this stage in addtion to that the content of the app is Islamic content, but we may add other languages in the next versions

Great Thanks for:
to help us in calculating prayer times

for inquiries or feedback please contact us on
[email protected]

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Latest Android App: Diagnostics

If you’re having any problems with setting up or using your Samsung Android smartphone, this application from Samsung provides a handy set of troubleshooting tools.

The application will help you to diagnose the fault and fix the issue without the need to contact the Customer Support helpdesk.

If you have any requests for this application, please let us know at the Samsung Customer Service Team by leaving a user comment.

Recent changes:
First release.

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Latest Android App: GetMore

If you really want some apps, games or mp3 but you cannot get on Android Market, why not try some other cool App Stores?
Try GetMore NOW, you can get 10,000+ apps/games/mp3/wallpagers from top download sites or app stores!

More site:

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Latest Android App: Music Download Garden

Music Garden.

This app lets you find and listen your music anywhere at any time.


Tags: mp3 music download android gratuit contact ringtone alarm notification

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Latest Android App: In Touch Ministries

On the go? Take Dr. Stanley with you! The free In Touch Ministries app features all the Christ-centered teaching from Dr. Stanley that you’ve come to know and love. Don’t worry about missing your daily devotional or forgetting to download the podcast. The In Touch Ministries app delivers them right to your Android device!

With the In Touch Ministries app you can…
- Watch Dr. Stanley’s inspiring messages from his television and radio broadcasts.
- Read or listen to your Early Light daily devotional.
- Enjoy uplifting articles from the award-winning In Touch magazine.
- Find the encouragement you need from God’s Promises
- Bookmark your favorite content.
- Share sermons, articles, and devotionals with your friends through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks.
- And much more!

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Latest Android App: monster in Paris puzzle

A monster in Paris puzzle(Supports Simplified / Traditional / English),A total of 34 points, four difficulty levels, easy operation.
Keywords: puzzle, casual, App 2 SD, APP2SD, APP TO SD, Jigsaw, Jigsaw Puzzle A monster in paris,monster,Paris.

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Latest Android App: Dodging Fish – Halloween Prank

This is actually a scary Halloween prank game!
It is best to download on your friends phone,
Ask them to play as ‘Trick or Treat’ on Halloween.
They may drop the device.
Play in a controlled environment only.

A scary picture with scream shows up in the game.
Do not play it if you have heart problems!
The game is too scary for some people.
You MUST consult a doctor before you play it.
Authors of the game do not take responsibility of any result of using the game.

The scary mode can be disabled by pressing ‘Menu’ on the phone.
This is actually an addicting game in normal mode.

It is a simple but skillful one touch arcade game.

Fish has always dreamed of swimming under the sea safely, eating food happily!
However there are always bad guys.
Touch screen to swim up, otherwise swim down.
Dodging bad fish carefully, eating small fish happily!
The red fish can summon more food fish once three stars collected.
Have a big meal!
Practice swimming skills and eat more fish to get enough points to activate fish Blue and Yellow.
They are able to destroy bad guys in different ways!
Have an exciting adventure!

Online game score board supported!
Show your swimming skills to the world!

Have fun in this addicting game!

Welcome to play our other games like Free Running 3D, Bathroom Diving, Kungfu Jump or Subway Zombies.

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Latest Android App: BestPuzzle No.2518 (70pieces)

BestPuzzle No.2518 – 70 pieces (10×7)
We like to present the best, most realistic jigsaw puzzle games yet!
Unlike other plain and boring square shaped puzzle games, cutting style used in our games looks exactly like what you have with a real jigsaw. Not only they look like real jigsaw pieces, they play like one! You can move, rotate, interlock, and just like in a real jigsaw puzzle game, you can move partially assembled pieces as a whole!
A timer is provided to keep track of time spent. You can save the state of your game and resume playing when you are ready.
We will be releasing series of puzzle games. We make sure each game we released has the most appealing graphic. You can choose to download and play only the ones you like most. To save internal phone storage, BestPuzzle supports APP2SD on Android 2.2 or better systems.
Once you play our BestPuzzle app, you will never want to go back to the boring old puzzle games currently on the market again!

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Robbi Sélin

The brand new official Robbi Sélin Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Robbi Sélin on your mobile device with our free Mobile App.

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Latest Android App: Chuck Norris Witze

Genieße die genialen, verrückten Chuck Norris Witze auf deinem Handy, einfach und schnell durch über 250 Witze Chuck Norris Sprüche stöbern.
Die App funktioniert auch ohne Internetanbindung!

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Latest Android App: Baby touch! (Free)

App enthrall the baby appeared to touch and various shapes.

[difference with the pay version]
・ An advertisement is displayed.
・ There is not the lock function of the "home button" "back button" "volume button".

■ two types.
Switch to view one of the next one.
Various movements may occur while you slide your finger touch.
Shape appears in the touch position.
引Kemasu line while you slide your finger touch.

■ The three types of sound.
"Laughter" … sounds of a baby laughing.
"Comical" … sounds comical.
"SF" … that sure sounds scattered SF.

■ Background
You can switch between black and white.

■ Vibration
Can be switched ON / OFF.

■ Lock Buttons
"Home Button" "back button", "Volume button" so you can lock, be deposited in the child safety

"Search for the word"
Bow babies

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