Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Robot Generator and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Robot Generator and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Robot Generator

Generate your own unique Robot image based on any name you enter, use it as your avatar on FB and Twitter. Powered by the service at (No Affiliation)

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Latest Android App: KQ Series – Science

Knowledge Quiz (KQ) Series is a knowledge resource that will make you a smarter, knowledgeable and a "KQ" Cool kid.

You will find questions ranging from diverse interest areas that will bring back fun in increasing your knowledge base.

Knowledge Quiz Series – Simple quiz to improve your academic skills.

Recent changes:
version 1

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Latest Android App: Particular Cars Live Wallpaper

The best live wallpapers and backgrounds app for your Android!
Customize your desktop background with this cool Particular Car pictures slideshow!

View Particular Car photos as slideshow on your homescreen wallpaper at a defined interval.

Get your free cool live wallpaper now!


- Live wallpaper to show Particular Car images as slideshow
- Widget to quickly launch your favorite wallpapers
- Touch settings let you have a subtle reaction
- Set Animation
- Set time between pictures

To set a live wallpaper as your home screen background, perform the following steps:

Step 1: From Home Screen, press "Menu"
Step 2: Press "Wallpaper", then press "Live Wallpapers"
Step 3: Select the Particular Cars Live Wallpaper
Step 4: Press "Set wallpaper"
Step 5: Start Launcher
Step 6: Click How To Work button

If you like Wallpaper, please leave a comment and check out our other free apps.

"Move to SD card" ability is disabled due to the fact that live wallpapers
and widgets don’t work when moved to external storage.

Keywords: Free Backgrounds, Free Wallpapers, Wallpapers and Backgrounds,
Wallpaper, Background, Wallpaper Widget, Live Wallpaper Slideshow wallpapers,
backgrounds, background images

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Latest Android App: ITEM EMC Buyers’ Guide

The Interference Technology EMC Buyers’ Guide contains approximately 200 categories of products and services, as well as information on the manufacturers, consultants and service organizations that provide them, to help you find the EMC/EMI equipment, components and services you need.

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Latest Android App: iSnapped

iSnaaped is quick and easy way to detect the human face in photo. iSnapped allows user to select photo from library or camera roll and iSnapped will find out the faces in selected photo. In case you miss any face to be detected application has feature to select and put frame on missing face. User can also customize the photo with different attractive frames. User can give any comment or tag in photo. iSnapped has feature to save and share the customized photos via email or on facebook. iSnapped has following functionality.
– Choose photo from photo library and camera
– Detect human face in photo
– List of attractive frames to set on photo
– Text comment on photo
– Save photo
– Share photo [Facebook, Email]
– Photo Gallery

Recent changes:
11 new frames added.

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Latest Android App: K Q Series – HTML5

Knowledge Quiz (KQ) Series is a knowledge resource that will make you a smarter, knowledgeable and a "KQ" Cool developer.

You will find simple questions in HTML5 and improve your web skills.

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Latest Android App: K Q series – Chemistry

Knowledge Quiz (KQ) Series is a knowledge resource that will make you a smarter, knowledgeable and a "KQ" Cool kid.

You will find simple questions in Chemistry and improve your academic skills (5th Grade).

Note: Every week, we update the apps with new series of questions. This keeps you updated with new question every time you play the game.

So keep Enjoying it & improve your skills.

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Latest Android App: Family Disaster Manager-Free

Family Disaster Manager is a simple application that will allow you to track your family and friends during disaster.

This will give you:
1. Family and Group Management
2. Google Map Integration
3. Text Message Processing

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Latest Android App: Magical Numbers

Magical Numbers increases your memory power. Simple enough that allows you to exercise your brain.

A number flashes on the screen and then you have to guess the number.

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Latest Android App: chords+ music tools

Chords and scales for the guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Much more than a mere chord dictionary, chords+ is a tool to help you discover new fingerings of familiar chords, an assistant capable of matching fingerings with their associated names, and a reference illustrating how to play major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales. Whether you’re a musician looking for the perfect fingering of a chord to complete your fingerstyle arrangement of a song for guitar or a novice looking for an app to help you master commonly used chords and scales on a new instrument, chords+ has something for you.

-Supports all possible tunings of the mandolin, ukulele, and guitar.
-Forward chord finder dynamically generates an easily scrollable list of the easiest fingerings for every chord.
-Reverse chord finder helps you put a name to fingerings you already know how to play
-Scale calculator shows how to play major, natural, harmonic, and melodic minor, major and minor pentatonic, blues, and more scales up and down the fretboard.
-Key calculator helps you compose, tab, and transpose songs by indicating which chords go along with a given key.
-No ads

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Latest Android App: Bankomati HR

Lokacije bankomata najvećih "hrvatskih" banaka na mapi. Najjednostavnije moguće, izaberi svoje banke i nikad više nemoj bezglavo tražiti bankomat!!!

Erste Banka
Hrvatska poštanska Banka (HPB)
Hypo Banka
Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ)
Raiffeisen Banka
Splitska Banka
Zagrebačka banka (ZABA)

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Latest Android App: Crusaders Super Rugby

Stay up to date with the Crusaders Super Rugby Team, all their training and match schedules. Check out the gallery for action photos and videos and write to them on the Fan Wall, link to Facebook & Twitter. Plus all the latest team info, player profiles, match results & stats, points table, stories along with many more benefits.

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Latest Android App: Status Bar Date Display

Display the date in your bar and then shake your phone to see the month and more! Optionally display month/day with no shaking required. Unlike similar apps, this one does not try to squeeze two date elements into one tiny icon, making it difficult to read.

NOTE: For Android 3.0 and above the date will appear dim in the status bar, although still clearly visible. The reason for the automatic dimming is a decision by Google and unfortunately cannot be changed. The month/date view icon "gap" is also slightly larger than in previous Android versions, which is why the "shake-to-display" view is recommended.

Currently available worldwide with menu text in English language only. Now includes notification slider text and time/date announcement in any supported Android language.

Uninstall the free version before upgrading to the PRO version which includes all of the great features below and more!

Why is the download size 5MB and installed size 10MB? The PRO version includes enough images to display the date in a wide variety of formats. 10MB is roughly the size of 2 or 3 MP3 files.

Before contacting support, please read through the FAQ located at


+ MONTH/DATE VIEW: Don’t like shaking? Display month and date at the same time in two icons. Customize this view with 16 different colors, and select between M/D, M.D, D/M, or D.M formats.

+ MORE COLORS: Select from 16 different colors EACH for the month number, month name, day number, day name, and\or year in the single icon "shake" view. Up to 4,368 color combinations in the "shake to display" view!

+ MORE DATE ELEMENTS: Display the DAY NAME abbreviation, MONTH NAME abbreviation, and/or current YEAR after shaking AND in the order and length of time that you desire.

+ NO STATUS/SLIDER BAR SPACE REQUIRED: If you don’t want anything to display in your status bar or slider, you can normally display "nothing", and then the date info will appear once you shake your phone. This is an exclusive feature that’s not available in any other "date in status bar" apps.

+ SLIDER APP LAUNCHER: Uses 1 or 2 spaces in your notification slider in order to display the date in the bar. You can use this area to launch an app of your choice and display additional customizable date information. Select a favorite default app or always display the list of apps to launch.

+ DATE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announce the time and date in a customizable format each time you give it a shake. The announcements work in your phone’s language worldwide, as long as the Android OS supports your "text-to-speech" language. Adjust media volume loudness using your device’s volume buttons during announcement.

+ ADVANCED SLIDER BAR OPTIONS: Enable the advanced menu to edit the text in the notification slider bar spaces to your liking (in any language). Customize additional date info display, or remove all of the text so that only the app launcher or saved favorite apps are displayed!

+ Remove the upgrade features list from the main menu present in the FREE version.

+ Simple menus including in-app "explanations". Changes are saved automatically and take effect immediately.

+ Works fine with other "shake" apps.

+ Control shake sensitivity settings using the shake-o-meter.

+ Only requires permissions to vibrate your device and auto start the app as a background service at power on.

+ Low processor/memory overhead. Shake detection is automatically disabled when your display is off to conserve battery.

+ Enable/disable phone vibration (haptic feedback) when a shake is "detected".

+ Disable auto app load on device start-up.

+ Reset settings to the recommended defaults at any time.

+ Try to move the date to the left or right of other notification icons in your status bar (it will always be oriented towards the left of the bar).

+ Free support with in-app email option for fast responding help.

+ Future updates and bug fixes are free.

Recent changes:
v.1165 – Standard font size is now default for shake-to-display view. Large font is an option and is pictured in promo screen caps. Month/date view has only standard size font.

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Latest Android App: Swing Shot

Pick up the gauntlet; repair the worst offenses. Explore your ninja finger ability. Sharpen your eyesight. This is not a mere game. ‘Swing-shoot’ your opponents to oblivion, and come out victorious, the ultimate top monkey-panda-sloth of the jungle!

Have you ever wanted to throw a beehive at a monkey ? Make a sloth fall down with a pineapple ? Wonder what sound they’d make ? Do you miss being the sling-shot king of the neighborhood ? Satisfy those inner desires and make them reality. For added contentedness, all of it is real-time ! Try out your hand at an all-new network battle in Swing Shot !

★ Game in English!
Also in French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
So you can throw rocks in many languages.

✔Comic and simple play!
Everyone can play: just touch & drag!
Life-like movements of the animals.

✔Exciting Network Battles through various modes !
Enjoy and good ol’ fashioned row in <Classic>
Be efficient, sleek and deadly in <Sniper>
And just get insane in <Crazy>

✔Unique features in Arcade Mode!
Build up your skills in the 4 worlds and 48 stages Arcade mode.
Hit the enemies hung on balloons!
Don’t miss the cowards hiding behind rocks! They really deserve it.

✔Strong and dependable upgrade system
Add various animal friends and upgrade their status!
Basic monkeys, swift raccoons, sniper bears, one-shot-one-kill sloths, and the all-powerful supporter panda!
Get stronger sticks to help you withstand enemy attack longer.

< Tiny Farm > An entire world, right here in your very own hands
< HOMERUN BATTLE 2 > Become The Homerun LEGEND!!
< Tower Defense > The One and only Tower Defense!
< Aqua Story > Your very own mobile Aquarium
< Chocohero > Sweet Hero action
< Ovenbreak > Run Gingerman Run!
< Slice It! > Once you start Slicing, YOU CAN’T STOP!
< The World of Magic > A magic world of full-featured MMORPG!
< 9Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 > REAL Baseball game
< Elphis Adventure > Red Hood’s Casual Time Travelling RPG!
< Minigame Paradise > World of delight right at the tip of your fingers!
< Puzzle Family > Action and excitement in 8 delightful puzzle games
< Inotia3: Children of Inotia > Best RPG Ever!

Other fun and exciting games are available, too!

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Latest Android App: EC Buyers’ Guide

Manufacturers, consultants and service organizations active in the thermal management field are listed in this directory.

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Latest Android App: Wookieelicious Star Wars Quiz!

This is the definite Star Wars Quiz for your Android Device!
Answer questions about your favorite universe in normal or hardcore mode. Try your knowledge of the Extended Universe (Novels, Comics, etc.) or just the Movies – it’s up to you!

This is the first Release. More questions will be included in future updates. The content will keep you busy for a while though. Have fun!

Recent changes:
V 1.0: First Release.

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Latest Android App: iUMS.One(v3.1.8)

This is ‘iUMS’ One Channel Version.

iUMS works with the following DVRs:
N, HD, CM – Series
The app is guaranteed on Android v2.2 or later.

iUMS lets you remotely monitor and control your video security system over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection directly from your Android device.

It includes following functions.
- View up to 16 cameras at one location.
- Monitor multiple locations from one app.
- View in portrait or landscape mode.
- Single or split screen display. (To change from split screen to full screen, just tap the display twice. Single tapping the display again returns to split screen.)

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