Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: ROOKscore and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: ROOKscore and Other Apps

Latest Android App: ROOKscore

ROOKscore is a simple app that let’s you focus on the game, instead of keeping score. Count trump instead of counting points. Feel the "chill in the air" from the game instead of from the "man, they’re going to make fun of me if I forget how to subtract." Stop the guy who can’t even make it at 140 from slightly altering the score until suddenly, he won!

With this app you’re able to set team names (so now when you call your opponents "Team UglyFace" there will be proof, on the phone, that they do, in face, have ugly faces), scoring rules and then easily update the score every round.

Recent changes:
————Version 0.1d————–
* Added Icons

————Version 0.1c—————
* Added loaner capability
* Fixed several bugs
* Added color coding to score

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Latest Android App: Lava Escape

Please help Mr Box get down the never-ending stairs .

This is a Arcade & Action game, it’s funny , and suit everybody .You can get top 10 score , or find your score .

Intuitive game rules:
# Avoid stepping magma with arrow button .
# Supply water with up button .
# Long press to speed up .
# Try best to get high score , and beat the others .

Tips to win high score:
# Keep long press to speed up, so that the score will be boosted.
# Watch out those new lava , and avoid suffering too many burns .

# Add more props, eg : Invincible , Fly , Water etc .
# Add more box clothes .

Step carefully !
Enjoy yourself !

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Latest Android App: Scooby-Doo Puzzle

Scooby-Doo Puzzle.
The game contains 30 levels with beautiful images from Scooby-Doo Puzzle.
Drag the pieces to the right place to create the image.
Once completed, you can set the image as wallpaper.
Try to complete all levels
wow, puzzle, jigsaw, Keywords: puzzle, puzzle, casual, children, kids, children, teenager, Puzzle despicable me ,famous painting, pixar, Dream Works,Scooby Doo Puzzle

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Latest Android App: Easy AOL 2.0

Hate navigating your browser to AOL? This is the easiest way to access your AOL account! All you do is open the app, log in, and you’re set!

This is the best AOL App there is!

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Latest Android App: Battery Level Rainbow

Uninstall Battery Level Rainbow BETA before installing Battery Level Rainbow.

Battery Level Rainbow can display battery status and available charge in three ways: as an icon with colors representing the level of charge and charging status, as an app widget with a larger version of the icon and the percentage of charge available, and as a graphic with the same information as the widget as well as the percentages where the level color changes.

The icon has three parts: a battery-shaped border, a stack of colors (in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) at the bottom, and a color at the top indicating the charging status. The number of colors at the bottom indicates the charge level. The color of the border is usually the top color of the stack.

The upper part of the icon is white for charging, black for discharging, and brown for not charging. If the status reported by the device’s Battery Manager is not recognized, the entire icon is a solid gray. if the battery is reported as fully charged, the upper part of the icon is a checkered pattern; if the charge is at the highest level, the upper part and border of the icon is a black-and-white checkered pattern, similar to that of the finish flag at an automobile race; otherwise the upper part is a light-gray-and-dark-gray checkered pattern, and the border is the top color of the stack.

The status updates can be stopped by the Android system to provide storage for a higher-priority process (this should not happen often); if this is the case, the icon will be a solid gray with a red "not permitted" symbol (a circle with a diagonal line) inside.

The large version of the icon uses the same colors, except that the border is always the top color of the stack.

When the notification list is pulled down from the status area, the battery icon is accompanied by a message indicating the battery’s status. If the battery status is discharging or not charging and the charge is lower than a percentage that can be set by the user, a "battery low" message is shown. If the battery is not charging or the charging status is unrecognized, a "not charging" or "status unknown" message is shown. If the battery is reported as fully charged but the available charge is not at the highest level, a "not full" message is shown. If Android stopped status reporting, an "updates stopped" message is shown. Otherwise, a "battery normal" is shown.

Touching the notification list item for the application will display the graphic with full information. Pressing the Menu button will bring up the application’s menu.

The preferences menu allows the user to set the percentages at which the level of charge changes and the percentage at which the battery low message occurs.

Recent changes:
Check for null dialog and Menu item, change layout of number picker dialog, change application graphic to 3×2 landscape widget size (from 2×2 portrait or ladscape widget size).

Check for null intent in start of service, minor changes to icons and graphics.

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Latest Android App: Movie4Mi

Have you ever gone to a movie review website looking for reviews on a particular movie only to find ratings from those who do not share your movie preferences? Have you watched a movie that you liked that the movie review websites rated very poorly?This issue is due to reviewers having different tastes then viewers.

Movie4Mi will help you make a better decision on what movie you should watch not on its opinion but on yours. This software is an innovative movie rating prediction service that predicts if you will like a movie based upon others who share your movie preferences.

Registration is free and the system is simple. Enter a movie you want to see and let the system determine if you will like it. The system becomes better at predicting as you rate more and more movies. The movie database is comprehensive, dating back to major films from the 1960′s to present day and the system is accurate as long as you rate movies you like and movies you don’t like.

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Latest Android App: MP3 Music Download

This is an integrated MP3 music tool helps you to play and manage MP3 music with simple and fun user interface. The major features include:

- Stylish media player which supports downloading artist photo and lyric automatically.
- Browse and manage your music collection in Library.
- Find and get millions of pop music from internet.
- Discover hot music via weekly updated music charts.
- Modify MP3 tags (Title, Artist and Album) with build-in editor.
- Set MP3 files as ringtone/notification/alarm.
- Send file to friends by e-Mail or Bluetooth.
- Query detailed track information and delete MP3 files.

Tags: mp3 music download android gratuit contact ringtone alram notification

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The reality of boxing, as you can watch Real Steel online, was approved by the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard.

The action movie HD WALLPAPER, featuring huge boxing robots, develops a dramatic line of father-son relations. The film’s director (Levy) commented: “the father-son drama, the emotion… very much the robo-boxing movie… one piece of a broader spectrum.”

you can download the hd wallpaper for the real steal and enjoy the latest hd wallpaper.

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Latest Android App: uConnect Bluetooth Terminal

****** uConnect Bluetooth Terminal for Phone ******
uConnect BT Terminal is the terminal emulator via Bluetooth serial port profile communication. The portable Android devices can connect with the remote Bluetooth devices supporting Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) and exchange data with them bidirectional.

1. Support Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, SPP
2. Displays sent and received data
3. Displays log data in ASC II or Hex format
4. Send, Edit or Delete the file from the file manager
5. Save the log data in the internal memory
6. Send the data with CR/LF code

[User manual]
1. Bluetooth RS-232 adapter
2. Android Terminal Software
Download site:

1. 1K byte limitation.
2. If you need the product or customization, please contact us.

Recent changes:
Latest Version: V1.2
Design for Smart Phone

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Latest Android App: WebVideoDownloader

You can download Flash video playback on the Web site.
Correspond to the correspondence video form flv and f4v.

It is not the division corresponding to all the sites.
Even if it can perform the present download, it may become impossible to download by renewal of a target site.

if you’re wondering how you can download.
Please try using the version LITE.

This application is a Web-browser applications.
Equipped with the ability to analyze the video to the Web browser contained in the page.
Also includes the ability to find and download video files to analyze.

The app opens a URL to download the video.
Menu -> select a "Analyse this page".
Start automatically downloads video files after video files are found.

The this app can not to play the video.
The application which plays the downloaded video is downloadable for free from an Android market.
Probably, it is good to refer to "flv player" etc. at an Android market.

notice:The SD card is required to download video files.

"Download Directory Access Error"
Please check the following error when.
- SD card, please check whether it is mounted.
- Are connected by a PC, then please check if the SD card is disabled.
- "Setting" → "Download Locations" Try to set it.

Recent changes:
-SD card-enabled access rights check.
-Suppression of a download process memory consumption.
-Download speed up.
-Error reporting feature added.
-Download timeout problem-solving.

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Latest Android App: Ice Cream Sandwich Theme – BIG

Do you like the new Android look? Now you can apply Ice Cream Sandwich theme to BIG! caller ID!

This app only works with BIG! caller ID premium version.

English only. Other languages will be added soon.

Are you an Android developer? Try making your own Theme! Visit for details.

Keywords: BIG! caller, theme, ice cream sandwich, full screen caller

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Latest Android App: Xerox PrintBack

Xerox PrintBack enables printing Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, photos and more from your Android-based tablet or smartphone to the default printer on your Mac or Windows PC.

Xerox PrintBack extends the printing capabilities of your Mac or Windows PC. PrintBack supports a number of online services (Dropbox, for example) for transmitting the printed document from your device to your computer, where the document is printed in the background using your default printer.

By using the default driver on your Mac or Windows PC, PrintBack delivers your prints with uncompromised color and output quality – you will see no difference between prints that come for your computer and those that come from your mobile device. It also means PrintBack supports the types of office documents you most often print from your Mac or Windows PC – PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos and more, and it supports printing email and web content using cut and paste to the clipboard. And, any default printer is supported – regardless of manufacturer, technology, or connection type.

How to setup Xerox PrintBack:
1) Download the Xerox PrintBack agent from and install it on your Mac or Windows PC
2) Select the online service you will use:
o Dropbox (recommended) – if you already have a Dropbox account and have the client installed on your computer, installation will automatically complete after selecting Dropbox. If you are not already a Dropbox user, or do not have the Dropbox client installed on your computer, go to and open your free account and then resume the PrintBack agent installation.
o Web-based email – Xerox recommends using a dedicated email account with PrintBack, so first setup a new email account at Hotmail, MSN, Live, Gmail, Yahoo Plus, or AOL and then enter your log-in details in the PrintBack agent
3) Install the Xerox PrintBack app on your Android-based tablet or smartphone and enter the log-in details for Dropbox, or enter the email address you used with the agent

How to use:
1) In the PrintBack application:
o Photos – choose photos to print from the photo library on your device
o Photo Shoot – allows you to automatically print photos as you take them (camera-enabled devices only)
o Clipboard – prints the content most recently copied to the clipboard
o File Manager – access and print documents stored on your device or inserted memory card
2) When viewing documents in other applications on your device:
o Choose “Send…” or “Share…” and select “Xerox PrintBack”, confirm print job settings and press “Print.:”
o If “Send…” or “Share…” is not available, simply copy the text to you want to print, open the PrintBack application, and choose the Clipboard tab to print the selected content
3) Print Settings available with PrintBack include:
o Number of copies
o Photo Size (photos only)
o Hold Print – holds the job at your computer until you return to release it, keeping sensitive documents from sitting in your printer output tray
o Save a Copy – Downloads – saves the printed file to your computer’s downloads folder
o Save a Copy – Dropbox – saves the printed file to your Dropbox account (Dropbox users only)
o Save a Copy – Save Only – does not print the job, only saves to the selected location

System Requirements for Xerox PrintBack agent:
Windows PCs:
• Windows XP, Vista, 7
• Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 required to print Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
• Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7
• Microsoft Office 2008 or 2011 required to print Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
• Apple iWork ’09 required to print Pages, Keynote and Numbers files

To learn about other mobile solutions from Xerox, visit

For troubleshooting/support, please visit

If you have feedback regarding Xerox PrintBack, please email us at [email protected]

Recent changes:
- Defect Fixes

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