Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Sexy Screen Swipe and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Sexy Screen Swipe and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Sexy Screen Swipe

you have to clear the screen as fast as you can to enter the top, or as slower as you want to make it interesting…

global top, lots of girls and after you play this game you’ll have the cleanest screen!

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Latest Android App: Villa Epm

In Villa Epm you take the role of a public utilities officer for your city. You are in charge of dispatching help to attend emergencies and request for support of the citizens: your users of power, gas and water supply services.

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: World Cars – Petrol Head

Finally a forum for our cars, world wide. This is not a wall paper app or car maintenance app. This is truly cloud based first ever app for motoring enthusiasts of the world..

- Get access to First hand Motor Reviews & Also Add Motor Reviews
- DIY Tips for your Model

Best of All
See – Snap – Share car pictures … lets see if you car makes it to the car of the week :)

Just a Fun App for when you have a few minutes to kill i.e. see what others are doing with their cars.It will not fix all you car problems or Integrate with your cars engine :)

This is pre-deployment and we are populating our database for you with existing motoring knowldge. But this app should allow you to be part of the creation by contributing the following..

Coming Soons, include
- Complete image support, where you will be able to take pictures of your Ride, from your mobile and upload them directly to your ride or DIY thread.

- A Complete Pro-Level ToolBox OBD’s, HP Calcs etc

Our Final release is due 30th January 2012.

Technical Specifications
- Tested on Android versions
4.3[only on Emulators]

- Application Version 2.0 – We intend to improve upon this based on your feedback, so keep them coming also at [email protected]

- Cloud based application, hosted by Bidland Server.
Minimum load on your handlheld
- Install size with data: <1mb should increase despite any amount of use.
- Database technologies used [Db tech Android, SQLite & mySQL Based. JSON, Gson]

Your Feedback is highly appreciated.
- Any new features you would like to see
- Bugs in the current release etc

Recent changes:

- V13 fixes a crash problem in Live Picture View with slow connectivity. Application does require Internet Access to download live view.
- MultiMedia experience. Browse and share member rides
- User ID integrated with Gmail accounts.

Petrol Head Store – in the same application, enabling you to buy you customized memorabilia


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Latest Android App: Valentine Game: Gifts Grabber

This is a very interesting Valentine’s Day Game . An awesome evolution of classic casual game, more exciting, more fantastic!

Gifts Grabber is coming !

*** Very addictive Gifts matching puzzle game with lot of creative fun. ***
If you have got bored with other matching games like Bejeweled, Jewels , Gifts Grabber is for you.

Description :
Touch the BLANK SPACE (not the gift itself) to grab Gifts. You can only grab those Gifts which have the same color and located at the cross direction.

If you get three Gifts with one touch, a bomb will be generated. Once the bomb is triggered, Gifts in that 3×3 region will be cleared and triple score is given.

If you get four Gifts with one touch, a thunder will be generated. Once the thunder is triggered, Gifts in the same row or column with that thunder will be cleared and four times the score is given.

Trigger Bombs and Thunders
The bomb and thunder will be triggered if the yellow lines which generated by your touch pass through it, or they are in the effect region of the previous triggered bomb or thunder.

If you like the top free games like angry birds, fruit ninja, cut the rope, racing moto, NinJump, paper toss, blast monkeys, iRunner, Jewels , tetris and so on, you should not miss this casual and amazing game.
Related Keywords : Match-3, match three, latest game, puzzle games, puzzles ,gem swap, gem match, jewel match, quest, brain teaser, mind game, pattern, touch game, online game, flick, time pass, time killer, gem spinner, jewel quest, gem game, casual game, family game, new game .

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Latest Android App: PhotoMemes

PhotoMemes gives all your photos a new life: organized automatically into beautifully designed theme calendars. You can create as many calendars as you like. For example, a calendar for your kids, a calendar for your pets or special moments of your daily life. Your photos are not just a bunch of unrelated images any more, they are organized automatically to chronicle your life, your kids ,your pets and any meaningful themes of your choices.

You can specify different skin for each calendar. You can import all your photos into a calendar with just one click or import only selected photos into different calendars. You can take new photo or pick exiting photos from your phone for any days on the calendar with ease. You can add multiple photos to a single day with desired timestamps attached. You can adjust date, timestamp of photos on the calendars anyway you like, anytime you want.

Main features:
1. Create as many calendars as you like. You can customize their names and skins. There are eight built-in beautiful skins for you to choose from.

2. Import all photos from the albums on your phone into calendars with one click. All photos are arranged according to their creation timestamps. And you can change the positions/timestamps of the photos on calendars anyway you like.

3. Import only selected photos from your phone into calendars.

4. You can take new photos with built-in camera support, and the photos are added automatically into calendar with corresponding date and time.

5. You can pick existing photos from your phone, as many as you like, for any date on calendars.

6. You can easily adjust date and timestamp of photos on calendars.

7. View all your photos on map to easily review where you have been in any month, or on any date.

8. If you add multiple photos to a single day, you can either manually specify any of them as the cover photo of the day, or let the app pick the most recent one for you.

9. Create a high-resolution cover image for any month page on your calendar, which you can send out by email, MMS or other sharing tools already installed on your device.

10. You can choose how to have photos displayed, such as: in square shapes, or in the same aspect ratios with original photos.

11. You can choose whether to have photos displayed with a built-in photo frame or without.

(KW:photo, album, diary, picture, calendar, skin, theme)

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Latest Android App: Gran Hermano Chat

Chat dedicado al programa Gran Hermano 12+1

Entra al chat gratis de Gran Hermano y comparte tu opinión sobre el programa.

Recuerda, el chat es totalmente gratuito.

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Latest Android App: Cool Warning Ringtone

Cool Warning Ringtone
The app provides a selection of popular and cool warning SMS. Please press it and set as ringtone,notification or alarm.

Ringtone library get 8000 free ringtones!
8000 Ringtones is your number one source for popular ringtones on the internet!

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Latest Android App: Tricky Words and Challenges

At last, Mr Thorne Does Phonics hits Android! Containing exclusive video content available only in mobile applications, Mr Thorne Does Phonics – Tricky Words and Challenges is one of a series of Mr Thorne apps.

The video files are embedded so an internet connection is NOT required to use this app.

FEATUING: tricky words: (HFW 1,2) and challenges

Important notes:

Please send us your feedback! We’d love to know what you’d like us to change/improve.

Due to Android limits on app sizes, we are unable to put all of the videos in one app! Sorry!

If the videos do not play, you may need to download an app capable of playing mp4 video files from the Market Place or a third-party provider.

Email the developer [email protected] stating which handset you have, if you have any difficulties.

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Latest Android App: Checkpoint Delta

Catch the spy! Use your skill and judgement to catch Dr Black and prevent World War Three in this intriguing cat and mouse game. Guide your agents around 1967 Europe by plane, train or road to trap Dr Black and prevent World War. Or play as Dr Black and try and start it!

Use planning, prediction and guile to pursue your quarry or evade your captors. Use glimpses and hints of your opponent’s position to outsmart him.


Play as agents or spy, on any difficulty level.
Play against a friend on screen or,
Play against a friend over Bluetooth.

(Compatible with Android 2.1 and above)

Recent changes:
- Support for small screens
- New difficulty levels
- New colour scheme
- Improved gameplay

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Latest Android App: Pinterest

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find in your life. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

• Browse pins from people and pinboards you follow.
• Repin, like and comment on your favorite pins.
• Pin with your camera!

Happy pinning!

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Latest Android App: Space Junkie

The brand new official Space Junkie Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Space Junkie on your mobile device with our free Mobile App.

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Latest Android App: Shake-It

Shake It
Shake you device for answers
Dice – Shake for dice to roll
Truth/Dare – Shake for Truth/Dare
Crazy Q & A – Ask a question, Shake for a lucky answer
Light On/Off – Shake to turn screen light on/off
Head/Tail – Shake for Head/Tail

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Latest Android App: Binary Practice

Learn and memorize binary to decimal conversions with this fun and engaging game!

See how fast you can convert 20 binary numbers and try to beat your high score.

Three modes, easy (4 bits), medium (8 bits), hard (16 bits)

Try to beat your friends high score!

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Rugby Résultats FFR

Rugby Résultats FFR est une application qui permet de consulter les résultats, classements et calendrier du rugby français.

Toutes les données sont disponibles, que ce soit du niveau amateur au niveau pro. Les résultats proviennent directement du site officiel de la FFR et sont disponibles dès leur mise en ligne

Recent changes:
V1.0: 30 Janvier 2012
Création de l’application

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Latest Android App: Binary Converter

This is a simple Decimal to Binary converter.

It will convert and show you the steps of the conversion in order to give you a brief explanation and help you to learn how to do it by your self.

Please send me an email regarding any Bugs or desired features to be added.

Thank you for downloading.

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Latest Android App: Calculator 3 (no ads)

Calculator 3 is an easy to use universal pocket calculator. Based on Arity-2.1.6** (Arithmetic Engine for Java), Calculator 3 evaluates mathematical expressions, following the basic algebraic convention "brackets before power before point before line calculation", e.g.: 3.25 + 2 * 5.25 = 13.75 or sqrt((0.9 + 2.1)^2 + 4^2) = 5.
Calculator 3 provides a large history display, where all inputs and results can be checked easily. This calculation history is kept until explicit deletion.

Calculator 3 is suitable for all Android smartphones and tablets with touchscreen.

Calculator 3 does not require any internet access and is free of advertising!

Calculator 3 provides on main display:
* classic operators: + – × ÷
* parentheses: ( )
* square root and power of 2: sqrt x²
* reciprocal: 1/x
* percentage: %
* plus minus sign: ±
* memory: MR MS M+

Via "sci"-Button Calculator 3 provides:
* power operator: ^ 2^ e^ 10^
* square and cube root: sqrt cbrt
* natural logarithm and logarithms of 10: ln lg
* constants: pi 2pi e 1/e
* trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic
* functions: sine cosine tangent

Calculator 3 is based on the Open Source Software Arity-2.1.6 "Arithmetic Engine for Java" (Copyright © 2007-2009 Mihai Preda), which is licensed under the Apache license 2.0.

Recent changes:
initial release

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Latest Android App: Adb Sync Connection Fix

** Only works on rooted devices **

Tired of getting "Unable to open sync connection" when debugging your apps ?

Then just launch AdbFix and it will reset Adb connection to fix the problem.

Stop loosing time when debugging : drop a shortcut of AdbFix on your home screen, touch the icon when the problem appear and you’re done !

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Latest Android App: smART Weather Premium

smART Weather, the most trusted source for localized weather.

If you’re always on the move, smART Weather is the weather application for you. This accurate and localized app makes it easy for you to access only the weather information that you want, including current conditions, multiday forecast, hourly data, and satellite, and maps ? without any clutter. smART Weather also uses the accelerometer to make navigation even easier!

· Weather Girls – Accurate and localized forecasts for locations worldwide. all available in 20 languages. Updated every hour, forecasts include the most detailed hourly forecasts for the next twelve hours, plus day and night weather forecasts and information for the next seven days, along with a convenient toggle button for viewing both the hourly and dayily forecast.
· Point Weather – World Weather watches and sendings for current, severe conditions.
· Earthquake – Get push notifications and alerts of earthquakes worldwide.
· Satellite – satellite for non-U.S. locations, and maps for worldwide locations.
· Yellow sand – Weather display options, including yellow sand radar for ASIA locations.

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Latest Android App: ZenClock

Fully functional multiplatform meditation exercises helper. Includes full set of essential settings for breathing cycle, timer, and log. Implements several unique features, such as group meditations, beginners’ guide etc. All in all, about 100 features.

1. Group meditation:
- Facebook profile authorization;
- Send invitations to meditate via friend-list;
- ZenClock using friends indication;
- Push-notifications with invitations to meditate;
- Visual mapping of meditating groups;
- Ability to join any groups by yourself.

2. Settings:
- Flexible breathing cycle settings;
- Several sound schemes;
- Voice hints for breathing;
- Volume settings for different sound groups
- Extended log, with the ability to reset up session
- Settings templates.

3. Standby mode:
- quick session start feature;
- Meditating groups and connection animation;
- Analog clock simulation.

4. Additional features:
- Exercises guide with auto apply setting function;
- Multilingual search over active sessions and friend-lists;
- Session filter on the number of practitioners.

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