Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Simple Calculator and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Simple Calculator and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Simple Calculator

Simple calculator to perform common math operations

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Latest Android App: Currency Converter RealTime

Simple Currency converter which converts currencies of any countries to other currencies with real time currency exchange rate information.

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Latest Android App: Pictogramas

Aplicacionmuy facil de usar y aprender para ayudar a niños con dispraxia.
Permite a mudos, autistas y demas niños con problemas de habla pedir y expresar lo que quieren.
Ideal para usar con un tablet pequeño 5", 7".
Para personalizar la aplicacion, mandad un email
Requiere TTS para hablar, si tu telefono/tablet no lo tiene descargalo del market

Autor pictogramas: Sergio Palao Procedencia: ARASAAC ( Licencia: CC (BY-NC-SA)

Recent changes:
version 1.1

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Latest Android App: Easy MP3 Downloader V3

Download music free and fast. Real easy to use. Never been easier to download free music than with easy mp3 downloader the three better version.

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Latest Android App: 2012 IEEE Aerospace Conference

Official Android application for the 2012 IEEE Aerospace Conference.
Big Sky, Montana
March 3 – 10, 2012

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Latest Android App: Lone Daisy Pro Live Wallpaper

Lone Daisy Pro Live wallpaper, this is ad free.

Watch the flowers move in front of the lone daisy.

Recent changes:
uploaded 3/1/2012

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Latest Android App: 玩美男女情報站 – 醫學美容整形診所最新情報站

* 2012 時尚玩美男女必備APP,精打細算的好康小幫手!


這幾年醫學美容的蓬勃發展,讓醫美診所如雨後春筍般的出現。可是市面上有這麼多的診所,每家診所也推出不同的特別活動,如果有一個 APP 可以彙整醫美診所的最新活動資訊,精打細算又可以隨時可掌握好康資訊,那該有多好?

* 玩美男女情報站 – 醫學美容整形診所最新情報站,收錄台灣醫學美容診所的最新活動資訊,特別活動,及意見大調查,讓使用者可利用通勤,等待片刻…等零碎時間,隨時隨地瀏覽全台灣優質醫學美容診所的最新好康情報。

功能說明 Features:
1. 即時快訊:即時收到各地醫美診所的最新好康資訊。
2. 最新醫美消息:瀏覽各醫美診所的最新活動資訊。
3. 特別報導:瀏覽各醫美診所最新儀器與診療項目。
4. 意見大調查:分享你的診療經驗也可瀏覽網友對於各診所的評價。
5. 北部診所推薦:瀏覽台北地區與桃園地區的優質推薦診所。
6. 中部診所推薦:瀏覽中部地區的優質推薦診所。
7. 南部診所推薦:瀏覽南部地區的優質推薦診所。
8. 醫美資訊:豐富的醫學美容相關資訊,讓你一手掌握資訊。


本應用程式由 APPz 艾普斯數位所開發製作
有任何問題請洽 (02)2250-4899 / [email protected]

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Latest Android App: ARnav beta

Reading navigation directions from the flat map makes you confused?
Are you disappointed with current, overly complicated, Augmented Reality apps..?

ARnav helps you out! Whether you are city or outdoor tourist!
Get directions in intuitive Augmented Reality mode to any Point of Interest around you – easily and for free!
Wherever you are – browse through Point of Interests from many categories of OpenStreetMap!

We’re currently public beta but stay tuned – we’re working on full-featured, next-gen turn-by-turn navigation!

Before you rate the app – please, read technical info at our webpage !

Recent changes:
Initial release on Android Market

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Latest Android App: News in Malayalam

Simple App showing news in malayalam

Recent changes:
Scrolling improved.

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Latest Android App: WebCamCampania

See WebCam sorted by province of Campania, Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Naples and Salerno

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Latest Android App: CyttaConnect Health Manager


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Latest Android App: Big Money Slots

Introducing the first social slots with a progressive jackpot!

Play for your chance to score 5 in a row and claim the jackpot – each bet made adds to the pot!

Earn sweet rewards and unlock new slots as you play. Each slot features a fun unique theme and exciting bonus minigame, with new slots coming your way.

Invite your friends to send and receive free spins and coins, and you can even share (or brag) on Facebook.

Compete against your friends, or take on the entire world as you climb the leaderboards.

One app, any device. Play on your Android phone and on your tablet. Your level and coin balance will always be updated, no matter what device you’re playing on.

Featuring amazing sounds and fun animations, it’s time to WIN. BIG. MONEY!

*Requires Facebook Login, Internet Connection and compatible Android OS 2.2 or higher to play. Product intended for amusement purposes only.*

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Latest Android App: BML

Business Mileage Logger is app that help you logging the miles you travel.

Recent changes:
First Version

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Latest Android App: Mallika Sherawat Hot Wallpaper

Mallika Sherawat is known for her bold onscreen attitude, Sherawat has been frequently featured in the media as a sex symbol. Sherawat attracted notice with her appearance in the 2003 film, Khwahish. In 2004, she starred in Murder. She received a nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards for her performance in Murder.

This is a set of 75 images of the hottie.

Current Features:
1) Facility to save the images to external storage.
2) Start a Slide show.
3) Slide show can be started from current image or from beginning.
4) Slide show time can be set from 5 to 30 seconds.
5) Loop slide show.
6) Go to Image using number.
7) Share Image using Mail, Bluetooth, twitter, etc.
8) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.

Keywords: Actress , mallika, sherawat, india, beautiful, bollywood, hot, bikini

Note: Requires internet access permission to display ads.

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Latest Android App: Flowerlove Theme GO Locker

FlowerLove theme for GO Launcher & GO SMS: Available Now!
Serch them in android market!
Make your phone all cute and pink!

1.Make sure GO locker V1.05 has been installed.
2.Use it with Flowerlove theme for GO launcher EX and GO SMS, is perfect!
1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->GO Locker—->My locker” to

choose the theme;
3.The theme is Collocation a matching with the GO Launcher theme,
You can search: Flowerlove theme GO launcherEX to find it.hope you like it.
Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement!
E-mail: [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Little Angry Pig

Little Angry pig is an extremely addicting game!
Using continuous path, you need to let the pig go from one place to another and connect all the nodes.
You cannot reuse any completed path.
Lot many levels from very easy to extremely difficult
Easy level selection
Timer Mode if you like Challenges
Relaxed mode if you are a classic type.

Recent changes:
Bug Fixes on level 80..

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Latest Android App: Tiny Bee Arcade

TINY BEE ARCADE: FREE DOWNLOAD of the FULL version of Tiny Bee! get 12 TOKENS for FREE upon download.

Fasten your seat belt. Tiny Bee is about to speed up to an incredibly pace…

The sweet bee is really excited. There’s a smell of honey in the air. Unfortunately she isn’t a supreme master in flapping her wings and so the mountains ahead seem to be a big problem. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills which force the pace. To build up speed you have to slide along the hills. Then let the tiny bee soar. Make sure to have a soft landing and collect as much honey or pollen as possible – you have to complete tasks in every level. There are several achievements to reach. Share your scores via OpenFeint and climb your way to the top of the leader boards.

The new pay-per-play gaming concept for “Tiny Bee Arcade” enables the player to download the full version completely for free! Upon download the player receives a set of tokens with which to play the game. Much like classic arcade games, after using up their tokens the player can choose to refill the account.

“First class entertainment, Tiny Bee provides an awesome game experience with its excellent graphics, simple concept and easy on-screen controls. I downloaded the demo of this to entertain my 3 year old and I liked it more than him. So I purchased the full version…”[htcPEDIA]

“This game is best played on a nice summers day, while waiting for your barbecue getting ready, or as a nice reminder of better days while it is raining outside.“ [Playandroid]

…::: We wish you lots of fun. Have a good flight! :::…

Android 1.6 or higher

1366×768, 1280×800, 1024×600, 960×540, 800×480, 854×480, 480×320, 320×240

Supported Devices:
Desire/S/Z/HD, Thunderbolt, G2, Evo4G, Inspire4G, Droid Incredible, Google Nexus One, Sensation or similar devices,

Legend, Hero, Aria or similar devices

G2X, Optimus/2X/Z/Speed or similar devices,

Droid/2, Milestone/2/XT701, DroidX, Defy or similar devices,
Atrix, Backflip or similar devices,

Sony Ericsson
Xperia X10, Arc, X8 or similar devices,

Galaxy S, Nexus S, Captivate or similar devices

i5700 Spica, i7500 Galaxy, Galaxy Ace or similar devices,Samsung Galaxy Tab and similar

Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Archos 10.1 and similar

Many more devices supported! Feel free to test the demo to check if it’s working on your device!

There is a bug in the Samsung Update which prevents you to save the settings file ON SOME DEVICES. You need to factory reset your phone (you will not have to repay for Tiny Bee). There is also a manipulation available for root users on XDA Developers. If you do not have problems, there’s no need to reset your phone!

We are in the process of optimizing the game to run it on your Pad as well as on several devices with other display resolutions.

Thanks for the great feedback. Updates will follow!
If there is ANY problem causing crash, please send a message to our support email below. Please provide information about Vendor/Model/Firmware. We will take a look and try to fix it as soon as possible! Thanks!

If you like the game, please give us feedback by rating and leave a comment. If you don’t like it, please let us know by email and we’ll fix it!

Recent changes:
- Pocket Change integration

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Latest Android App: ジーニアス英単語2200

☆語彙・語法問題対策の決定版☆ ~ジーニアス英和辞典から生まれた英単語集アプリ




★★ 発売記念SALE ★★
書籍+CD 3,675円 → アプリ 450円税込!

Android Marketの決済方法で選択できます。クレジットカードでなくても大丈夫!


見出し語は、3つのレベル別に掲載。各レベルには、「単語帳」「単語テスト」「穴埋めテスト」をそれぞれ掲載しており、「単語帳」で単語を暗記 → 「単語テスト」で暗記確認 → 「穴埋め」テストで実践練習 など、反復学習がしやすい設計になっています。また、各単語には発音も収録しているため、リスニング対策にも最適!



















単語の一部しかわからなくても大丈夫!前方一致、後方一致と、2つの角度から単語を探せるので、うろ覚えの単語はもちろん、○○で始まる単語(○○ で終わる単語)など、同じグループの単語も探しやすい!



・Android 2.1以上


・REGZA Phone T-01C
・GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D
・Xperia arc SO-01C
・Xperia acro SO-02C
・AQUOS PHONE slider SH-02D
・ARROWS Kiss F-03D
・LUMIX Phone P-02D

◆au by KDDI端末◆


・本アプリは、初回起動画面で音声データ(52MB)のダウンロードを案内し、SDカード(通常、端末に標準搭載済)に保存致します。 また、設定画面からも何度でもダウンロード可能(無料)。

[email protected]

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Latest Android App: Pictograms

Very easy to use application for helping children with dyspraxia.
Allows mute, autistic and other children with speech disorder to express what they want.
Ideal for use with a tablet 5", 7".

To customize the application, send an email

TTS required for speak. if your phone/tablet don’t have TTS download from android market

Autor pictogramas: Sergio Palao Procedencia: ARASAAC ( Licencia: CC (BY-NC-SA)

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Latest Android App: Dungeon Village

Welcome to an epic RPG world in which the town you build can grow from humble hamlet into a mecca for the land’s most ambitious adventurers!

The enterprising warriors that stop by your blossoming burg will defeat monsters and earn you money. Conquering dungeons and clearing out hordes of monsters will bag you loot to stock your shops. And if your hamlet flourishes, adventurers will want to set up house and settle down!

Build training facilities like Combat Schools and Magic Labs to hone your heroic denizens’ skills and boost your village’s Popularity. The more faces that flock to your cause, the bigger the baddies you can beat!

An all-new "Cauldron" feature also allows you to test your alchemic expertise. Toss items obtained from quests or shops into the Cauldron and your armory might receive a rare addition.

No dungeon is too deep! Make your village the crown estate of this bold RPG narrative!

Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games.

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