Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Spell Wiz and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Spell Wiz and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Spell Wiz

Spell wiz is a best fun, education game for kids under 12 years. Explore your Kids’ knowledge with spells and math calculations. This app is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the spell and math calculations. Build your children vocabulary and math with this scramble game.
Your goal is to figure out correct word spelling and correct calculation and drag correct answer and drop it . This is best game for your children to build his vocabulary and its free for you. While having fun your children is master in math calculation and vocabulary. After playing his game your children is master in fruits, animal, geography and about computer vocabulary. This game have very attractive GUI so your children play and enjoy with this game and learn a lot from it which is not possible in any school and classes.
1.Best game in android market to improve vocabulary of your kids.
2.Best game for improving calculation and vocabulary of your kids.
3.Contains hundred of words of different different category.
4.Free of cost.
5.Very attractive GUI and Animations.
6.Completely AD_FREE.

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Latest Android App: WebQuest

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. These can be created using various programs, including a simple word processing document that includes links to websites.

A WebQuest is distinguished from other Internet-based research by three characteristics. First, it is classroom-based. Second, it emphasizes higher-order thinking (such as analysis, creativity, or criticism) rather than just acquiring information.And third, the teacher preselects the sources, emphasizing information use rather than information gathering. Finally, though solo WebQuests are not unknown, most WebQuests are group work with the task frequently being split into roles.

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Latest Android App: Information Literacy

The phrase information literacy first appeared in print in a 1974 report by Paul G. Zurkowski, written on behalf of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. Zurkowski used the phrase to describe the "techniques and skills" known by the information literate "for utilizing the wide range of information tools as well as primary sources in molding information solutions to their problems".

The Presidential Committee on Information Literacy released a report on January 10, 1989, outlining the importance of information literacy, opportunities to develop information literacy and an Information Age School. The report’s final name is the Presidential Committee on Information Literacy: Final Report.

The recommendations of the Presidential Committee led to the creation later that year of the National Forum on Information Literacy, a coalition of more than 90 national and international organizations.

In 1998, the American Association of School Librarians and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology published Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, which further established specific goals for information literacy education, defining some nine standards in the categories of "information literacy", "independent learning", and "social responsibility".

Also in 1998, the Presidential Committee on Information Literacy produced an update on its Final Report. This update outlined the six main recommendations of the original report, examining areas where it made progress and areas that still needed work. The updated report advocates for further information literacy advocacy and reiterates its importance.

In 1999, SCONUL, the Society of College, National and University Libraries in the UK, published "The Seven Pillars of Information Literacy" model, to "facilitate further development of ideas amongst practitioners in the field … stimulate debate about the ideas and about how those ideas might be used by library and other staff in higher education concerned with the development of students’ skills."A number of other countries have developed information literacy standards since then.

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Latest Android App: Directory Services and YP

This android application is used to search data from millions of records in desired categories like hostel, bank, education etc.This data contains the information like name of the organization or name of the person, phone number, address etc. It is also used to find that particular location or group of locations on Map & to view that address on popup window by taping on that location point on map.User can find out filtered data according to the selected state, city, category and keyword specified in Advanced Search screen.

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Latest Android App: Armadilha Urbana

Política Brasileira
Aplicativo com Informações dos Candidatos que disputam a Eleição Municipal de 2012.
Saiba em quem você está votando.
Saiba se o seu Candidato está Apto ou Inapto pesquisando por Cidade, Estado, Número do Candidato ou Nome.

Fonte: TSE

Palavras chave:
Candidatos Aptos
Candidatos 2012
Eleições Municipais
Eleições 2012

Recent changes:
Adicionado mais informações sobre os Candidatos nas Eleições Municipais 2012.
Informações como:
- Limite de Gastos
- Declaração de Bens

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Latest Android App: Angry Birds Space Level Guide

Tired of struggling to get to the next level? Tired of searching all over YouTube for the Angry Bird Level Walkthoughs? NOW THEY ARE ALL IN ONE SPOT!!!

–> Get all the Angry Birds Space Level Walkthroughs
–> Includes videos for ALL levels
–> Angry Birds Black Hole Cheats!!!
–> Find out when Angry Birds Space will be updated automatically

Angry Birds Space Level Walkthrough and Guide will prove to be your best option for help while playing Angry Birds Space. Now you can use one app rather than searching all over for the right videos!

Great way to always keep updated to your favorite App!
**NEW FEATURE** We are now hooked up to Twitter and can give you up to the minute updates to anything Angry Birds Space related as well as feed you actual Tweets from the Angry Birds Twitter Feed!!

We are the ONLY one stop Angry Birds Space resource APP.

Angry Birds Space Level Walkthrough and Guide!!!

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Latest Android App: Wireless Week

Wireless Week provides intelligent and in-depth information addressing the people, companies, technologies and ideas that are transforming the wireless industry. Wireless Week provides a forum for analysis and thought leadership among wireless business professionals in this fast paced market, serving wireless carriers, enterprise users, distributors and retailers and is THE source for all wireless, all the time.

Wireless Week is an Advantage Business Media property and was founded in 1995.

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Latest Android App: Date Computer

Date Computer is an easy to use calculator that computes the day of the week for a provided date. Also, it calculates the day difference between two entered dates. The result is shown both in total days and in years, months and days. An additional feature is the ability to enter a date and a number of years (0-99), months (0-11) and days (0-31). The application will add (or subtract, if desired) that time to the original date and compute the resulting date. Instead of years, months and days it is possible to specify a total number of days (0-9999). Use years and months equal to zero in this case.
Date selection is very easy. It uses a rotating wheel to select the desired year, month and day.

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Latest Android App: Magic Wallpapers Lite

MagicWallpapers can instantly find free wallpapers from Google Images Search Engine.
Just insert your search query and instantly obtain a lot of wallpapers optimized for your device resolution: the number of available wallpapers is virtually unlimited!!

The LITE version is limited to 20 results for each search. If you want to unlock this limit, just install the full version!

Recent changes:
Download and instantly install free wallpapers from Google Images Search Engine.

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Latest Android App: Nic-Fit

Nic-Fit is designed to help the user quit smoking. Continue to smoke, by direction of a robot. Let your droid wean you off the nasty habit. In 30 days you will be smoke free!

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Latest Android App: Restore a Muscle Car Mobile

Restore a Muscle Car, LLC originated in 2005 as a shop that would bring back “classic muscle” but to a new level of restoration. We currently have a growing staff of over 15 full-time employees that work very hard each day on a variety of projects we have underway. Each member of our team has years of experience in their field which makes them more than qualified to handle the tasks they are faced with. We work together with our customers to create an enjoyable and exciting restoration experience they can pass along to their family and friends.

Our Rep
Simply put, we strive to be the very best at what we do! Our reputation over the years has proven itself time and time again. We have clients from every state in the nation, as well as Canada and many other countries. We have several “repeat” customers bringing back to us their 2nd and even 3rd vehicles for restoration. We enjoy the process of taking a classic muscle car through all the necessary stages of restoration to bring it back to life. Keeping our customers involved each step of the way is very important to us.

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Latest Android App: Aarti Sangreh

Dear Devotees,
Lord Ganesha is coming to your home in this Ganesha Chaturthi and Vincent IT( team has created a mobile app to please Ganesha by prayer and arthi.
Vincent IT has bring great collection of Arties in Hindi and English. You can also play these arties during your Pooja and listen them whenever you want to connect with Lord Ganesha/During Puja/ New Start Lord Ganesh will bless you for sure. This Aarti Sangrah also have collection of popular arties (devotional songs) of various Indian gods and goddesses. Just download and play Aarthies as well as read it in Hindi/English languages.
Arti Shri Ganesh ji ki, Shri Hanuman ji, Maa Laxmi ji ,Maa Durga ji, Shri Ram ji, Shiv ji, Krishan ji.
This release is devoted for Lord Ganesh and made especially for chaturthi.
Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, a patron of arts and sciences, and the Deva of intellect and wisdom.
Effect provided in this application.
1. You can change the different font styles/sizes of aarti’s text.
2. Hindi/English both version of arti’s text are available.
3. Short description of different deities.
4. Attractive media player.
5. No need to stay on internet.
Please leave us feedback, rating and ideas to enhance this app in future.

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Latest Android App: Fashion Design Course

Through wide range and creative fashion and image design training, students will develop the knowledge and skills required by the industry. The course will enable students to build up the sense of fashion and image design, as well as the foundation for further study. The course will cover :

1. Introduction to fashion and image design

· Overview on the industry

· Role of fashion image designer

· Fashion design fundamentals:

· Basic fashion drawing , colour concept & effects, texture & fabric

2. Design presentation and styling

· Fashion technology

· Silhouettes effects and coordination skills

· Fashion illustration and presentation

· Image appreciation

3. Applied fashion image design

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Latest Android App: Hello Sri Lanka

This app is filled with, up to date info on Sri Lanka Tour, which gives the user an idea on what they can experience if they tour Sri Lanka.
This app got a gallery, filled with high quality images, a map which is a google map, which can be enabled with GPS system.
And info section which gives you a variety of many info on Sri Lanka Cities, Sri Lanka History, Sri Lanka Culture, and some other Useful information which will be helpful for the tourists.
Tags – T20, twenty twenty, Sri, Lanka, travel, guid, map, india

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Latest Android App: Batman Ordinary Adventures

Animated Batman Drawings, an imaginary , ordinary life of Batman…!

Images – Sarah Johnson(

Images may not get Animated for some devices due to performance.

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Latest Android App: Talking Web Browser

First ever talking web browser.
Thins web browser let you select the paragraph you want to be copied and will speak it to you….!

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Latest Android App: Easy Search

Easy Search app for Android, the fastest way to search through the Google with your phone.
Get the search categorized. Easy Search will let you search items according to nine categories. Making it easier to get what you want quickly.
The 9 Categories are
-Word Document
-Power Point Slides
-PDF Files
-Normal Google Search
The main aim of this app is to reduce the time wasted on searching in Google and to provide quick positive results.
To Select the Category
Step 1 – Press the Option Button
Step 2 – Select “Search Type”
Step 3 – Select the Category you wanted results from
This app is developed using Google Search Engine, So Thanks for Google.
If this app helped you or boosted the search speed, please leave a rating
Thank You

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Latest Android App: LWP Disco Beam

Along with the rotating disco ball of light, flying the vagaries of the cluster beam on your cell phone.
Colorful, super gorgeous. Come on, just have a dance with disco beam.

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