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Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Sunny Leone – New Collection and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Sunny Leone – New Collection

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Sunny Leone (born May 13, 1981)[1] is a Canadian actress, businesswoman, model.
In 2011, she participated in the Indian reality series Bigg Boss, entering the house on day 49.
During her stay in the Bigg Boss house, Sunny was approached by a famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt who entered the house briefly to offer her the lead role in Jism 2 (the sequel to the 2003 film Jism starring Bipasha Basu). She accepted it, which will result in Pooja Bhatt’s production house, Fish Eye Network and Leone’s agent discussing the movie further.[95] The first look of the film Jism 2 poster was released anticipating the actress entry in Bollywood.[96] Jism 2 was released on August 3, 2012.
Sunny Leone signed her second Bollywood film which is Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS sequel. Ragini MMS, a crossover horror movie was one of the most talked about sleeper hits of 2011
Sunny is one of the young and new model like Diana penty, Sherlin chopra, Nargis Fakhri and Poonam pandey .

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Latest Android App: Dark Lottery Thailand

Application for check news Lottery of Thailand

Recent changes:
Update Application

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Latest Android App: Free Movies & TV

ツツ For limited time, this app can be purchased for only .99c ツツ

★★★ ‘Free Movies & TV’ app offering
★★ Classic Movies, TV Series, Cartoons
★★ No subscription or extra fees!

ツ All videos are 100 percent legal to watch, copyright expired public domain classic videos.
ツ Includes built-on feature to bring you new videos at NO EXTRA FEE!

This app features collection of classic public domain:
✔ Cartoons
o Tom & Jerry
o Woody Woodpecker
o Daffy Duck
o …
✔ Movies
o Horror Films
o Western Films
o Film Noir Movies
o …
✔ TV Series
o Lucy Ball
o Gilligan’s Island
o …

★★★ Here’s some of the films (not enough room here to show everything ツツ
✔ Horror:
o A Bucket to Blood
o Angel on My Shoulder
o Bloody Pit of Horror
o Carnival Of Souls
o Dementia13
o Dr Jekylland Mr Hyde
o Embryo
o Frankenstein
o Grave of the Vampire
o Horror Express
o The_House_on_Haunted_Hill
o Bloody Pit Of Horror
o City of Dead
o Night of the Living Dead
o Lady Frankenstein
o …
✔ Comedy:
o Three Stooges
o 3 Stooges Color Craziness
o 3 Stooges Aloha Ha Ha
o Rescue from Giligan’s Island
o …
✔ Western:
o Apache Blood
o Marked for Murder
o The Gun and the Pulpit
o Trouble in Texas
o Sheriff of Tombstone
o Fear in the Night
o Suddenly
o The Stranger
o D.O.A.
o Scarlet Street
o Quicksand
o Gun Justice
o The Kid in Texas
o The Kid Returns
o The Kid Trapped
o The Kid Wanted
o Gone with the West
o In Old Caliente
o Jesse James at Bay
o McLintock
o …
✔ TV Shows:
o Lucy Meets The Burles
o Lucy & Efficiency Expert
o Lucy & Flight Manager
o Lucy & George Burns
o Qarbershop Quartet
o Gilligan Rescue from Island
o Africa_Screams
o Ask a Policeman
o At war with the Army
o Behave Yourself
o Gullivers Travels
o His Girl Fridy
o Seemed like Good Idea
o Lets get Tough
o Lil Abner
o Meet John Doe
o Miss London LTD
o Mooch goes to Hollywood
o My Dear Secretary
o My Favorite Brunette
o …
✔ Cartoon:
o Donald Duck Gets Drafted
o Popeye Private Eye
o Woody Woodpecker 1
o Bargain Counter Attack
o Superman Eleventh Hour
o Little Miss Muffet
o Gabby All’s Well
o Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
o Jack Frost
o Santa’s Surprise
o The Air Race
o The Lion Tamer
o 3 Stooges
o Betty Boop Poor Cinderella
o Popeye Taxi-Turvy
o Barnyard_Bunk
o Butterscotch And Soda
o Jolly Fish
o Piano Tooners
o Redskin Blues
o The Tuba Tooter
o What a Night
o Theres Good Boos Tonight
o A Haunting We Will Go
o Spooking About Africa
o Casper Takes A Bow-Wow
o Came to Supper
o Herman CheeseBurglar
o Night Before Christmas
o BugsBunny Which Is Witch
o Coal Black DeSebben Dwarfs
o Disney The Thrifty Pig
o Herr Meets Hare
o Big Buck Bunny
o Jungle Jitters
o Whats Cookin Doc
o …

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Crackle – Movies & TV – Watch full-length Hollywood movies & TV shows on your phone
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Latest Android App: MobiGuru

This is Premium Calculator for LIC Marketing Field Force. Use the software Calculate Premium/Maturity/Medical Requirment/Comm Available and many other Options

Recent changes:
MobiGuru version1.2 includes Jeevan Vaibhav

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Latest Android App: Namespace Movie Gallery

This application lets you combine your .m4v or .mp4 videos along with custom a custom JPEG (.jpg) images in a list gallery to make it easy to identify which video you’re looking for!

Just store your videos along with the images, sharing the same name, in your device’s movie folder (i.e. "Movies" on the SD card – locations may vary) and start the app! You’ll be presented with a list of the videos that the app finds in a list with the corresponding images, titles (based on file names) and other information.

This app not only presents you with a list of easily identifiable videos, but it also lets you specify favorites which will appear at the top of the list in alphabetical order. No longer will you need to scroll through a long list of movies to find that one you love!

On top of that, the app also stores time information. Once you start watching a movie, the app will not only remember the duration, making it easy to identify which movies you have time to watch, but will also remember where you left off, so you can start from the position the next time you go to watch it if you want!

When watching your movie, your device will go into "Lights Out" mode, which will dim the on-screen buttons so they won’t distract you while enjoying your favorite movies!

NOTE: This application does not come with any movies or images. You will need to provide those yourselves. Supported movie formats are .m4v and .mp4, and supported image format is JPEG (.jpg). Corresponding files need to be named the same, but with the respective extension (i.e. Speed.mp4 and Speed.jpg). If the movie file is not in one of the specified formats, it will not be listed in the application, and if the image files are not in JPEG (.jpg) format, the image will not be used by the app.

We are not responsible for how you use this app, and we are in no way supporting piracy or copyright infringement of any kind. This application is intended to be used with movies and images that you obtain in accordance with all locally applicable laws.

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Latest Android App: LocateMyTracker

This app allows you to control and monitor an external physical device named a GPS tracker, in order to monitor:
- your afternoon running,
- your weekend hiking trip,
- your car,
- your motorcycle,
- your boat,
- an elder that might be sometimes lost,
- a child,
- or a pet,
- whatever you want!

*Compatible devices*
This app requires one of theses devices: TK102, TK103, TK104, TK105 or TK106 GPS tracker device. They are inexpensive and can be found from the internet easily. These devices use SMS messaging to be controlled and to report their location.

*SMS and fees*
You will need a sim card and a subscription plan from your network provider of your choice to be able to send and receive SMS messages from and to your tracker. Fee may apply depending of your carriers. use at your own risk.

This app store an history of all received locations in a database. It can only be deleted on uninstall, so if you need to erase the data, please uninstall and install the app again.

When installed this app asked for the following permissions, here is why we need them:
- INTERNET : Display Google map data and report anonymous usage data.
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : To detect if Internet access is ready
- SEND_SMS: To send commands to the GPS Tracker
- RECEIVE_SMS : To detect and read incoming SMS from the tracker in order to retreive location info
- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : To be able to detect your current position and display it using Network
- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : To be able to detect your current position and display it using GPS
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To be able to export your database using dropbox/mail

*Question or suggestions*
Please if you have any question about the app or suggestion to improve it, send us an email: [email protected]

Recent changes:
Added Monitor mode, and Export History option (gpx file format). Allow navigating between recent location using next and previous buttons.

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Latest Android App: Flashlight

Flashlight application.
Use your device’s camera LED, Flash or Display as a torch.
Very simple and usefull application.
You can also switch on LED light and Display light.

Search Keywords:
flashlight android, torch, strobe, brightest, linterna, best flashlight, brighness, flash, led, light, luce, lampadina, torcia

Recent changes:
First release.

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Latest Android App: Trentino Meteo Widget

This application provides you with the forecasts for Trentino downloaded from presented in the form of a widget. Forecasts and images shown in the widget belong to the respective owners and not to the author of this application. Images shown are downloaded from the Meteo Trentino site and they are not distributed along with the application. Forecasts are automatically updated or their update can be forced by the user with the update icon on the widget. By clicking on the forecast’s images you can quickly open the Meteo Trentino site.

DISCLAIMER ABOUT FORECASTS: the synthetic forecasts downloaded by the widget are usually updated late in the morning by Meteo Trentino, so it is common to see not-updated forecasts until 10am/11am in the morning.

WIDGET UPDATE POLICY: widget updates the weather forecasts in an intelligent way, increasing checks only in the hours in which the forecasts are usually updated, i.e. between 10am and 1pm. During the rest of the day the widget looks for updates only if it could not download the forecasts before.

Information about REQUIRED PERMISSIONS for the application:
- android.permission.INTERNET: required to download updates
- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: used to avoid the stand-by during the widget update
- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used to establish the first widget update after the phone boot
- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used to check for network availability for updates’ download

Recent changes:
Version 1.1.2:
- Bug-fix

Version 1.1.0:
- Changed application name
- Added toast notification when user clicks widget update

Version 1.0.0:
- First wdget release in Italian and English (partial translation in Deutsch)

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Latest Android App: 樹仁新傳

"香港樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系,成立於 1971年, 專為有志在香港及東南亞地區從事傳媒工作者, 提供應用新聞及公關廣告的專業課程, 理論與實踐並重, 並設有實習平台如仁聞報、說在線、新傳電台、香港新聞網等, 成績斐然, 迄已成為這方面的權威高等學府。
The Department of Journalism & Communication at Hong Kong Shue Yan University offers applied journalism education to those who seek to work in the media industry in Hong Kong as well as in Southeast Asia. The Department was launched in 1971, and has become one of the major Journalism and Public Relations & Advertising higher education establishments in Hong Kong. Undergraduate students actively participate in different news publications and media broadcast, including Our Voice, Shuo Online, JC Radio, HKNews, etc."

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Latest Android App: TwinNotes

TwinNotes is a concentration-like game that teaches to recognize music notes by ear which improves tonal memory. Click on an empty card to hear music tone. A yellow border appears around it. Find a card with a note sign that matches this tone and click on it. If tones matches, pair of cards disappears. If not, red border appears around both cards for 3 seconds. Continue until there are no cards on the screen.

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Latest Android App: PPh 21 Calculator

This application for calculating personal tax for Indonesian locals, not applicable for expats.
Features :
– NPWP or No NPWP Option, NPWP is Indonesian Personal Tax Number.
– support "Gross up" methods, a method that include tax in the wages.
– save previous calculated tax histories for quick access.

[ Indonesian ]

Bingung berapa nilai pajak penghasilan Anda ?
Ini solusinya, Kalkulator PPh 21.
Ada beberapa setting :
1. Bulan mulai dan berakhir kerja
2. Status Pribadi, Tidak Kawin atau Kawin
3. Jumlah Tanggungan
4. Setting "Tidak Punya NPWP" bagi yang belum memiliki NPWP
5. Pilihan "Gross up" untuk yang ada tunjangan pajak
6. Histori Gaji untuk akses cepat nilai-nilai yang pernah di-input

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Latest Android App: Bluetooth microcontrolador

Envía información utilizando tu dispositivo móvil a tus proyectos! Sorprende a tus compañeros y maestros. Enlaza a través de bluetooth el microcontrolador de tu preferencia.

El bluetooth utiliza una comunicación RS232, lo que facilita su uso. La mayor parte de los microcontroladores tiene esta comunicación incorporada.

Si tienes duda acerca de la aplicación no dudes en enviar un correo.

Recomendado para estudiantes de Ingeniería.

- Tecnologico de estudios superiores de Ecatepec
- TEC de Monterrey
- Universidad Anahuac
- Universidad de la Salle
- Universidad del Valle de México
- Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico

Recent changes:
Versión 1.2

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