Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: tpMobile Autorun and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: tpMobile Autorun and Other Apps

Latest Android App: tpMobile Autorun

tpMobile Autorun is an optional utility that helps keep tpMobile running as a full-time application on Android devices. Once configured, tpMobile Autorun service starts automatically and runs continually in the background.

tpMobile Autorun offers two configurable options:

- tpMobile auto-start after powering up the device, with a configurable delay.
- tpMobile restart in case it is shut down on the device.

It is possible to enable/disable any combination of the above options.

tpMobile Autorun does not offer a 100% guarantee that tpMobile will be always running.

Keywords: tpMobile, HOS, Xata, Turnpike

Recent changes:
Samsung Galaxy Tab compatibility

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Elevate

Du siehst ein Verlagshaus mit vielen Etagen. Jede Etage hat ihre eigene Farbe. Durch die beiden Eingänge kommen pro Spielzug neue Besucher. An ihrer Farbe erkennst Du, in welche Etage sie wollen.

Deine Aufgabe ist es, die Besucher an Ihr Ziel zu bringen. Dazu stehen Dir zwei Fahrstühle zur Verfügung, mit deren Hilfe Du jeweils bis zu acht Figuren befördern kannst. Die Besucher steigen natürlich immer erst dann aus dem Fahrstuhl, wenn Du sie auf der richtigen
Etage absetzt. An den Markierungen unter jedem Fahrstuhl erkennst Du, welche Figuren sich noch im Fahrstuhl befinden.

Die Fahrstühle steuerst Du einfach durch Klicken auf die jeweilige Etage. Besucher, die nicht mehr laufen, sondern ungeduldig mit den Armen schwenken, solltest Du so bald wie möglich abholen. Die Figuren, die nicht mehr schwarz, sondern gestreift aussehen, reißt der
"Geduldsfaden", wenn Du sie nicht beim nächsten Spielzug abholst. In diesem Fall wäre das Spiel nämlich beendet.

Am Ende siehst Du Deinen Punktestand und die Hiscores aller anderen Mitspieler.

Elevate ist die Reinkarnation des seit 1998 bei BerlinOnline existierende Online-Spiel. Dieses kannst du derzeit unter und unter spielen.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Football (NCAA) Schedule 2011

-Provides a handy 2011 College (NCAA Div 1-A) Football schedule reference covering all games for all teams
-Includes option to filter by specific team
-Use it to plan your weekend TV, plan business trips to coincide with games, etc.

Recent changes:
-Initial Release

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Facebook Birthday Scheduler

You will never forget their birthday again. Facebook Birthday Scheduler won´t let you miss your Fb friends´ birthday. Choose the date, the message you want to send, the time and stop worrying. Facebook Birthday Scheduler will do the work for you!

** This application is a beta version **


* Schedule Facebook birthday Wall posts to congratulate your friends automatically
* Default template messages
* Personal messages for your special friends
* Scheduled Wall posts cancelation
* Status bar notifications
* Facebook contacts synchronization

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: The Cow Says

Bring back your vintage toy memories with "The Cow Says". Just like the original you can pull the crank and listen to the farm animal it lands on. Comes with 8 animals that play the original farmers voice. Give it a spin!

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: KNU논스톱

강대근처 신호등을 체크해서 막힘없이 건너보자!!

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: NEW! Magazine Lite (Official)

Get NEW! Magazine on your phone with this great new app, bringing the hottest celebrity news straight to your fingertips. If it’s hot, it’s here!

The NEW! Magazine app is updated 24/7 and is completely jam-packed with showbiz stories and photos of the UK’s biggest celebrities — the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Download this free app now and stay up-to-date with the hottest happenings 24/7!

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Night of the Gummies

In 1997, one tobacco executive said, under oath, that he believed Gummy Bears were addictive like cigarettes. Well, that would make for some very dangerous Gummies.In fact, the Gummies just won’t leave you alone, and the only thing you can do is set up a good defense to keep them out. So build a barrier fence or use one of our special weapons to send the attacking bears to Gummy heaven.But beware: the longer you stay in this strategy-based game, the more Gummies come out of the forest to attack your house.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Nuclear Radiation Dosimeter

Geiger counter and dosimeter for your Smartphone

Do you know how much radiation you are exposed to every day? Are you aware of the radioactive sources in your vicinity? NUCLEAR RADIATION DOSIMETER calculates the current radiation exposure around you in a professional and reliable manner and also automatically calculates the radioactive contamination caused by cigarette smoke, food or traveling on a plane. In the future, medical and all other exposure will be added by a simple touch in the selection box. NUCLEAR RADIATION DOSIMETER presents the collected radiation exposure in a cleverly designed visualization. Your radiation exposure will be permanently projected to the expected annual value and compared to standard values.
NUCLEAR RADIATION DOSIMETER allows you to directly access more then 5,000 measuring stations, shows the Top 25 radiation sources as well as the radioactive emissions at a reference location chosen by you. You determine your maximum radiation exposure and NUCLEAR RADIATION DOSIMETER will raise an alarm today, if you are expected to exceed this value within the next 12 months.

Even though NUCLEAR RADIATION DOSIMETER is a professional app designed with the utmost care, we can not guarantee the correctness of the presented measurements. We do not accept any liability. Please take note of the legal information when installing the application.


Geiger counter:
• Displays the current radiation exposure where you are
• Displays details of measuring stations and development statistics
• Displays current radiation at a reference location (e.g. Paris)
• Graphic indicator of the level of current values
• List of Top 25 radiation sources worldwide
• Automatic projection of the annual radiation exposure in mSv
• Overall radiation dose over time
• Free selection of the measuring period
• Graphic tendency indicator
• Displays the peak value
• Description of the limit values and their potential effects
• World map with displaying the measuring stations
• Displays the closest measuring station
• Graphic level indicator for each measuring station
• Search function for place names
• Displays current radiation value, measuring development (chart) and position for every measuring station
• Setting of the reference station
• Records the personal measuring development
• Records the measuring development of the current station
• Scaling (day/week/month/year)
• Automatic updating and recording of the measuring values on a regular basis
• Appealing design and easy and intuitive handling even for novices
• More than 5,000 measuring stations worldwide

Road map:
• Automatic detection of flight movements for the calculation of the radiation dose
• Adding of ‘extra radiation’ e.g. from a X-ray examination
• Nuclear power plants worldwide
• Even more stations
• News feed about radiation

Japan, USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, Australia, Canada, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, England…

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Recent changes:
New Functions:
• Geiger counter
• Dosimeter
• Map
• Chart
• More than 5,000 measuring stations worldwide

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Presidents by the Number


A must for children, students, and adults!

A modern textbook on your Android!

This App takes a first-of-its-kind approach to inform children about the men who have been President and provide adults a new tool to teach their kids or impress their friends and family.

This App offers the most interesting and well-researched information and trivia that can be found in this app. Did you know that President Obama is not the first President whose political opponents questioned his American citizenship and, therefore, his right to hold office? Did you know that John McCain, if he had been elected, would have been the 3rd President to have been a prisoner of war? Did you know that Chief Justice Earl Warren had been Tom Dewey’s running mate in the election of 1948?

But most importantly, this App provides the most unique and entertaining learning device in Presidential education: rhyme.

Each President’s legacy is presented through an original, copyrighted poem that describes at least one important aspect of his life or presidency. Like a nursery rhyme, lullaby, or rap song, children will learn and remember this part of our history.


⁃44 original Presidential poems and portraits;
⁃A list of every President’s Vice-President(s);
⁃Presidential facts and trivia, including: prior offices or positions; election results; first ladies, nicknames; and MUCH MORE;
⁃Challenging quizzes with answer keys, updated monthly.
⁃Presidents Video;
-Supreme Court History, Cases, and Trivia;
-Every Supreme Court Justice, including dates of service and the President who appointed them; and
⁃Access to our special, first-edition Presidential Booklet.

This App will be constantly updated and new quizzes will be provided every month.

In response to the requests of our dedicated followers for a section containing only the poems, we have added a Section entitled Presidential Odes. Have Fun!

No ‘Net surfing is required; all the fun and information is self-contained in this App.

Don’t miss this unprecedented look at American history at this special introductory price.

Coming soon America’s Wars: 1788 to the Present

Recent changes:
**First Release to the Android Market…Enjoy!

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: TEST FAMILY GUARD


Content rating: Everyone

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