Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Track My Droid and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Track My Droid and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Track My Droid

Track My Droid is an easy application to track your mobile device on Android. You can use this app when your device is misplaced near by.It also helps you to send your current location quickly to your selected contacts when you are in emergency situation.

TrackMyDroid provides mainly three features.

•Change Sound Settings
This service is used to change your device mode. You can enable or disable silent mode and vibrate mode of your device by sending a secret message to your device from any other mobile.

•Track Current Location
On receiving secret message to your mobile from other mobile,TrackMyDroid will send back current location to that mobile.
•Emergency help widget

This service helps you to send your current location details along with your predefined help text which is saved.

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Latest Android App: Paintle Full

The FULL version includes:
* 2000+ awesome stickers
* 500+ HD backgrounds
* 250+ great photo effects
* 150+ beautiful fonts
* no ads
* no watermark

Paintle is an awesome image editor! Mix your photos with great backgrounds, stickers, and great effects. You’ll have tons of fun!

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Latest Android App: Leverage

Leverage fans, don’t miss your chance to watch the season finale in a whole new way!

Download the Leverage app presented by TNT and join other fans in an enhanced viewing experience during the Leverage season finale, Sunday, January 15 at 9/8c on TNT.

Launch the app during the live broadcast to experience the show like never before.

• Get behind-the-scenes info, trivia, polls and games, all in sync with the show.
• An on-screen timer will let you know when the interactive assets will appear, so you’re not distracted from the action.
• Use an innovative touchscreen dial to revisit previous items.
• Like what you’re seeing? Use the SHARE button or join the CHAT to connect with other fans.
• If you miss the live broadcast, open this app while watching the episode on DVR or VOD to relive the event.

This app will come to life during the live broadcast of the season finale–download it now and let the app remind you when the episode is airing!

Please note that this app uses the microphone in your mobile device to sync and deliver an enhanced viewing experience along with the show. Please make sure you have the TV volume turned up and keep the mobile device microphone clear. The Leverage team is collecting various audio signals from the show through the microphone to enable the synchronization technology, but we are not storing this information. We will only enable the synchronized viewing experience if you consent to its activation.

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Latest Android App: La vieja el visillo

La vieja el visillo escucha todo lo que le dices y te responde con sus míticas frases.
No cuentes ná, que ya lo cuento yo!!!
Multitud de frases!!

Tags: tve , hora de jose mota , tio la vara , tio la vara , cansino historico , la vieja el visillo.

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Latest Android App: I Love Flow! Gallery Plugin

This is a plugin to "I Love Flow! Live Wallpaper" application that allows you to easily settting customization on your I Love Flow! .
** This plugin requires "I Love Flow!" app to be installed **

Choose from 43 templates of them now !
New template is added at any time !

Recent changes:
No.41 template fault is fixed.

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Latest Android App: Zombie sniper

If you like kill zombies! This game is for you.
Our most recent game, Zombie sniper.
Protect your house from the zombie apocalypse using your sniper gun.
More than 50 levels of fun.
You are the only hope of the human race.

As you play, the game become more and more difficult.
Can you reach the 10 level? Are you sure? We dont think so.

How to play:
Touch the screen to zoom in with the sniper.
Use the controls to aim the zombies and shoot!

If you like games like, Stupid Zombies, Zombie, Run!, CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES, Zombie

City, Zombie Road, Zombie Dash And Plants vs. Zombies this game was made for you.

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Latest Android App: Go Locker Emo Punk Theme

A very pink and black emo punk theme for your Go Locker! Goes great with the whole of the Emo Punk Series we have on the market!


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Latest Android App: FFVI Airship Live Wallpaper

FFVI, Final Fantasy VI, airship.
ファイナルファンタジー VI


A homage to one of the greatest SNES games of all time: Final Fantasy VI. Follow the Blackjack as it soars above the World of Balance, before Kefka went and ruined everything..

If you like this, check out the donation version at:


which has a couple nice extras.

The entire World of Balance, recreated in OpenGL with Mode7-like effects.

Tilt-to-Steer airship controls

Seamless world wrap-around

Animated airship banks and turns as it speeds continuously around the world.

Landscape or portrait modes supported (including tablets)

Pilot modes: None, Autopilot, Tilt-to-Steer
Set Airship speed: Slow, Medium, Fast

Note: This may not work for all devices. Recommended Nexus One or new phone of a similar quality. Requires OpenGL 1.0 hardware support (this should exist for most Android phones).

If you think this should work with your device and it doesn’t, please let me know what device you’re using and what the app is doing wrong (be specific!). If you have access to Logcat, send me any error messages you may receive. Screenshots would help too if you can get them.


Recent changes:
Tilt control *should* be fixed for devices like tablets. Please let me know if your device isn’t tilting properly. Make sure to set tilt to steer in the wallpaper settings for it to work.

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Latest Android App: super racer ringtone

The ringtone app integrates the theme of sound in a few super racer ringtone, you can set your ringtone, SMS tones, you can set up your classification Contacts.
Plus thousands of cool ringtone can be downloaded online for free.

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Latest Android App:

The crisis gripping you? Keep track of payments and receipts with Record expenditures and incomes for you and your family members, monitor the monthly and exports all data in xls format (coming soon). Visit for more information.

Recent changes:
Small bug fixes

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Latest Android App: Battleship

The classic game now for Android!
On a 10×10 area, you have to destroy the ships of the other player before your own ships are hit.
You can play by your own against the computer or play against another player with android device using bluetooth.

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Latest Android App: 2012 New Year Live Wallpaper

Previously top 100 new free apps on android market! ❤❤❤❤❤

Snow Live wallpaper is a fun live wallpaper where you can have beautiful Snow on your home screen in locked or unlocked state.

Just as the world enters into a fresh new year, we bring to you this wonderful live wallpaper with snow flakes falling and beautiful backgrounds which seem to tell the story of Apocalypse in their own odd way.

New Year is the vacation time of the year when when we prepare our shopping lists, prepare fireplace, exchange gifts (esp. photo frames), crack jokes, sing songs and music and eagerly await for Santa Claus and his elfs.

For this holiday theme we bring this soothing New year live wallpaper app with wonderful lights, bells, clock and snow laden trees.

We shall soon be releasing a free app with a list of New Year ringtones also.

You can also change different themes, Snow colors and density/number of Snow floating on your home screen. This live wallpaper has a lot of interesting features and can also act as Snow screensaver and lock screen for your Snow phone.

If you like this wallpaper, please support us by installing our other live wallpapers and entertainment apps like:
Bubbles, Stars,hearts, flowers, brids, weed leaves, maryjane, snow flakes, balloons, Snow, music notes, mushrooms and many others

- 10 background themes
- 3 Snow types

Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Note: It is live wallpaper so you can’t open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper. Also slower/older devices (shipped with Snow OS below 2.1) can’t run it too, currently it has been tested on
Nexus S, HTC Desire and Samsung tab so any mobile devices that is equivalent to them should run fine.

If you have put the app on SD card and restarted the phone, the wallpaper will reset to default since the system couldn’t find the app first

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Latest Android App: Manual de Mecánica

Manual de Mecánica

Libro de libre distribución.
Totalmente funcional sin necesidad de lector extra.

Busqueda de páginas, busqueda por texto, zoom auto-ajustable.

Las capturas de pantalla muestran un ejemplo de visualización del contenido.
Totalmente válido para distintas plataformas moviles y adaptable a diferentes resoluciones. Compatible con todos los móviles y Tablets Android existentes.

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Latest Android App: Skyrim Cheats And Game Guide

This skyrim app includes Cheats, Guides, Tips, and Tricks and alot more.


All Skyrim Cheat Codes.

Complete Race Guide.

Alot of powerful guides.

Alot of Tips and Tricks

Alot of video guides.

And alot more.

Use this guide to stay ahead in skyrim…

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Latest Android App: Manchester United Logo Sticker

Simple and lightweight widget with Manchester United logo. Created especially for Manchester United fans.

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Latest Android App: Photo Editor Supreme Free

Spice up your pictures with the free edition of this powerful Photo editor Supreme.

This is the free Lite edition, buy Photo Editor Supreme Pro now with extra tools, frames,special effects, Share using email, even you can share the photo via blue tooth and many more.. see for your self..

Photo is Saved Editphoto folder in SDcard..

Free lite version of the award winning photo editor.
Color-correct your pictures. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Lock stuff: Frames and Effect’s

Keywords: photo editor supreme, muddasir,photo editor supreme free,photo editor supreme pro

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