Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Travel Essential Utility and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Travel Essential Utility and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Travel Essential Utility

Travelers, hikers, only what you need, anywhere collected.
Do not lose the road, anywhere.

Compass, altimeter, flashlight in one ~ ~

1) Compass: compass and bubble level has been integrated.

2) altimeters: the current service status and location
(latitude/longitude) can be found. And, m/ft, separated
by have added convenience. One thing, Depending on the
height scale is automatically converted, can be used
even during the flight.

3)flashlight: flashlight by adding features have added
convenience at night.

4) Shake function: in winter, without having to press the
button, you can shake a transition function.

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Latest Android App: T1B1 BoulderMatch

Do you want to practice for bouldering competitions, or just compete with your friends for fun? Then use T1B1 BoulderMatch to support your game. It helps you in maintaining the startlist, registering the results and calculating the ranking at the end.

Recent changes:
Initial version.

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Latest Android App: 携帯動画館アダビデドットネット








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Latest Android App: FutbolTele

FutbolTele te permite saber el horario y la cadena por la que se televisa el partido de fútbol de tu equipo favorito de la liga BBVA española y de la selección nacional de España.
Se incluyen las siguientes competiciones de equipos de primera división y de la selección española: Liga BBVA, UEFA Champions league, Europa league, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España, Supercopa de Europa, Mundial de Clubes, Mundial de Selecciones, Eurocopa, Amistosos, Fases de Clasificación, etc…
Podrás consultar tu partido en los canales de televisión abiertos o de pago que emiten en nuestro país : tve1, cuatro, LaSexta, antena3, Autonómicas, canal+, canal+Liga, canal+Liga2, P.P.V., Telecinco, etc..
Con un solo click accede a toda esta información actualizada desde tu dispositivo Android de una manera clara y sencilla adaptándose a todas las resoluciones!.
Ya no te hará falta consultar el Marca o el As, para saber la hora y la TV por la que televisan el Real Madrid, Atlético, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Athletic club Bilbao, Sporting Gijón, Racing, Betis, Getafe, Málaga, Zaragoza, Espanyol, Levante, Villareal, Rayo Vallecano, Osasuna, Granada, Mallorca, Real Sociedad.
Podrás saber de un vistazo los horarios de los partidos, para estar pendiente de tu quiniela.
Futboltv es compatible con todas las versiones de android desde la 1.5 (Cupcake) a la 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) y funciona tanto en moviles como en Tablets.

Recent changes:
Se incorpora al menú de opciones la opción de compartir
La aplicación se puede mover a la tarjeta SD
Es compatible con todas las versiones de android y todos los dispositivos
Se adapta a cualquier resolución de pantalla

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Latest Android App: Practice Keyboard

Practice Keyboard is a fast multitouch keyboard with multi-language support.It understands how words work together, giving much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards.

●Enable Practice Keyboard
First step: after download Practice Keyboard, go into the “Menu”, click the [Enable Practice Keyboard] to enable.
Second step: long press any input box until popup a menu, choose “Input method”, then choose “Practice Keyboard”

●Gesture support:

Swipe right to navigate between azerty and qwerty keyboards.
Swipe down to get developed keyboard.

●Support languages:

German-DE- Deutsch
French-FR- française
Dutch-NL- Nederlands
Spanish-ES- Español
Italian-IT- Italiano

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Latest Android App: AIDE – Android Java IDE (Beta)

AIDE is an integrated development environment for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices. AIDE supports the full edit-compile-run cycle: write code with the feature rich editor offering advanced features like code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation, and run your App with a single click.

AIDE will turn your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. We use the Transformer Prime running Ice Cream Sandwich to code with AIDE. AIDE will turn your Android Phone into a small development computer to browse and touch your code on the go.

AIDE is fully compatible with Eclipse projects. Just copy the sourcecode to your device, open any source file in AIDE to load the project and start coding.

Follow us on Twitter: @AndroidIDE

A brief summary of features…

Edit-compile-run cycle:
- Create a sample App with a single click
- Run your App with a single click
- No root access required
- Incremental compilation for fast build times
- Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility
- Integrated LogCat viewer

Real-time error checking:
- Real time error analyis throughout the whole project as you type
- Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors

- Rename
- Inline variable
- Introduce variable
- Extract method

- Code formatter
- Organize imports
- Out-comment code
- Create setters/getters/constructors from fields

Code navigation:
- Goto defintion
- Find usages
- Goto symbol
- Goto class

- Very fast editor even with large files
- Code completion for Java and Android XML
- Android online help directly from the code
- Syntax highlighting for Java and XML
- Unlimited Undo/Redo
- Pinch zoom
- Smart expand selection
- Keyboard support with configurable keybindings
- UI optimized for small screens to show as much code/content as possible

- Built-in file manager with the most common features: Rename, delete, create file or folder

Recent changes:
This is an early beta release. Please report issues to [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Loosen Wire HD

Classic untangle game.
Find a way to untangle tangled net. Move net points to positions where no lines will cross.

Check how many levels this game has!


Simple design, fast and reliable.
Easy to use but challenging and addicting.

Note: if you zoom unintended, try to disable "pitch zoom" option in settings.

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Latest Android App: ErnCon

ErnCon multiplayer public beta is available now!

Join your allies in the epic battle to retake the galaxy and show that you are the best pilot for the job!

Fight with 8 others over the Internet on your WiFi or 3G connection. Gain the upper hand against your opponents with a variety of fighters and robots with unique abilities. Lock on and destroy your enemies with Homing Missiles, Seeking Mines, Rail Guns, Attack Drones and more!

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Latest Android App: Photo Academy

“Photo Academy is a massive cross-referenced database absolutely full of tips, tricks and techniques for almost any imaginable photo-op situation.” –

“If you’re an amateur photographer, you’re bound to learn something.” –

Photo Academy is a comprehensive guide to helping you take better photos. Browse through thousands of tips and sample images, record your progress in your diary, and expand your photography repertoire.

Learn the basics
∙ Read a number of full length articles that scale in difficulty
∙ Start with the basics, like holding your camera, and what all those buttons are for
∙ Expand your knowledge with articles on settings, equipment, lighting and composition
∙ Complete your education with more advanced topics and editing guides

Take better photos
∙ Read through targeted, original tips on a large range of photography topics, exclusively written by a professional photographer
∙ View full-screen photos for inspiration (note: requires an additional free download)
∙ Use the detailed camera settings accompanying every tip
∙ Includes thousands of tips and photos covering all types of Animals, People, Sports, Travel, Sky and Macro subjects

Track your progress
∙ Record your photo expeditions in the Shoot Diary
∙ Easily add your own photos, straight from the built-in camera or your own library
∙ Track the date, location, and weather conditions
∙ Jot down free-form notes for your own thoughts
∙ Show off your work to the world through Twitter, Facebook and email

If you’d like to know more, start with the video trailer at

Start spending more time taking great photos. Thanks for checking out Photo Academy!

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Latest Android App: TalkOver

TalkOver is a real-time communication service designed to provide a fun, interactive way to communicate with friends anytime, anywhere. The new mobile app enhances the experience of communicating one-on-one and in groups by allowing users to share multimedia content with their friends on the fly. The mobile interface is based around TalkOver’s Media Library, a window which displays every file users choose to share: just paste a link for any video, photo, text or site and it will be recognized and displayed automatically.

• Don’t bother yourself with registering somewhere else! TalkOver simply connects to a user’s Facebook account and does not require any additional registration. This process allows the user to easily start communications on the go and invite existing Facebook friends to join the conversation. Additionally, the app can send invitations to email and phone contacts so that users can get in touch with friends any way they prefer.
• We offer you LOTS of possibilities. Users can browse popular conversations and shared content to bookmark the chats they like. Users can also create new group chats (public or private, with the ability to change settings at any time), assign moderators, mute or ban users who violate rules, and add selected messages to the list of the chat’s quotes. If two users would like to have a private conversation, the app can work as a classic instant messenger for just two people. If users don’t want to reveal their true identities, they can easily create up to four anonymous characters. With TalkOver, a user who values privacy can chat anytime, anywhere – without blowing his or her cover.
• Want to obtain some privacy? There’s nothing easier! In order to keep users updated on the flow of conversation, the app will send two types of notifications. The first type will show users their statuses, invitations and requests for access to private chats. The second type will notify users of new messages that have popped up in chats in which the user has participated, so they don’t miss any interesting developments.
• The messenger for everyone. Yes, we’ll expand our app. Although, perfection can’t be reached, we’ll try to get to it as close as possible. Our plans include implementation of a geolocation service. Also, we hope to deliver the client for desktop computers in a not so distant future.

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Latest Android App: Tattoo Artist!

Art is Pain! Fortunately, it’s your customer who has to pay for your mistakes. Inject ink into the skin of your clients – for the money!

My body is a beautiful canvas, so I’m gonna cover it with art! Sharpen your needles and get to work – more clients and more wicked tats to ink!

How To:
Use your TAP to draw a tattoo! Take it nice and easy and don’t go too fast or you will get canned!

Tage: Free Game, Fun Game, Tattoo Game, Tattoos, Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Mania, Tattoo Ideas, arcade game, free, colors, photography, photoshop, effects, virtual tattoo

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Latest Android App: Adi BARI

Applicazione Mobile della Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica ADI di Bari (Quartiere Libertà)

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Latest Android App: Driving BRB

The pro version is now available!

Driving BRB lets you quit texting while driving, without appearing to be rude to your family and friends. Driving BRB responds to texts, letting the sender know you’re driving and not just ignoring them.

That way you and the people around you on the road are safe, and your wife or mom or buddy doesn’t think you are ignoring them.

When the responder is active, it doesn’t need to be running in the foreground. In fact you can even touch the back button on your phone and exit the app.

So if you use a car dock panel, or want to use Navigator, or simply want to have your home screen show you the time, that’s ok. Driving BRB will continue to run quietly. To quickly get back into the application to turn off the responder once you get to your destination, click the icon in the notification tray.

Driving while messaging with SMS is not only unlawful, it is extremely dangerous. DrivingBRB allows you to remain safe.

Recent changes:
Version 1.11
Improved reliability when sending responses.
Announcement for Driving BRB Pro

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Latest Android App: Genesega

free! Free! FREE! This Emulator lets you play Any and Every Sega Genesis Games Free right on your Android Phone. Works with any and every version of Android Phones. Get It Now And Make Sure You Tell A Friend. THIS IS A 2012 MUST HAVE TOP APP.

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Latest Android App: Stick Ninja

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a ninja…?

A ninja is running through the rooftops of the sky scrapers!
His destiny is to jump from roof to roof in a city full of sky scrapers.
Control the ninja and run as far as you can!!
Grabbing items on your way will add extra points to your score.

Aim for your highest score in this exciting action game!

And it’s powered by G-GEE BY GMO with lots of popular games such as 3D SIMPLE BOWLING, Battle Race: One Way Racing, 3D Ping Pong Master, STICK NINJA: HYPER JUMPER, Athlete Field, Crazy Dunker: basketball game, Zombie Escape 3D: The School Labyrinth and more.

Get inside GMO GameCenter info on latest game updates, tips & more…


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Latest Android App: Kinderliedjes met video’s

Bekijk alle video’s met Nederlandse kinderliedjes, makkelijk en ideaal in gebruik. Zelfs uw kind kan de app bedienen!

We voegen nog dagelijks nieuwe liedjes voor kinderen toe, dus de app blijft actueel!

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Latest Android App: HK Haunted House (Enhanced)

This is a enhanced version of Haunted House App. This App show 1700 haunted house in Hong Kong. All of these information are gathered from the internet newspaper.

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Latest Android App: عروض خاصة

نحاول دائما تقدم أفضل وأقوى العروض الحصرية التي تخص كبرى وأقوى الشركات التي تقدم عروضا وخدمات وخصومات على منتجات هي الأقوى على الإنترنت , وظائف , فوركس , العاب , جوائز , كوبونات , تخفيضات وغيرها لمعظم الدول العربية.

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Latest Android App: UDPro Lite

This is the Ad-supported version of UDPro – Currently the feature set is identical.

Remotely control your Windows PC from your phone.

Features included at the moment are:

1) Control Windows Media Player
2) Send a popup message
3) Lock PC
4) Log Off PC
5) Shutdown PC
6) Reboot PC
7) Hibernate PC
8) Sleep PC
9) Take a screenshot of each monitor & send them via email to your desired email address (configured in the Windows App)

All information is encrypted (emails included if you use a ssl compatible smtp server)

You need to run an application on your Windows PC – It can be obtained here
It has been tested on Windows 7 & Windows XP – You need to have at least .NET 3.5 (

It will be minimised to the system tray when opened

By default the password on the Windows app is not set

Please make sure you open port 29000 (UDP) (The port can be changed) on your PC (if you’re running a firewall). If your wanting to use it over the Internet, I suggest you obtain a static IP Address or signup with (obviously port forwarding would be required)

You may also need to open an additional port to be able to send emails (the port will vary depending on your smtp (email out server) server)

The icon used for UDPro is available here
I did not create it – but it is free

Recent changes:
Version 2.0.2

Bug Fix
When the REQUIRED fields (IP Address & Port) where left empty, UDProLite would Force Close – Now Fixed

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