Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Voices Animals and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Voices Animals and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Voices Animals

The application plays the voices of various animals.
Animal is 31/32 voices.
List of animals:

- Lion
- Lion Cub
- Bald Eagle
- Bear
- Asian Elephant
- Beluga Whale
- Bengal Tiger
- Bottlenose Dolphin
- Golden Eagle
- California Sea Lion
- Cat (domestic)
- Chimpanzee
- Clydesdale (horse)
- Cougar
- Dog (domestic)
- Gibbon
- Leopard
- Gray Wolf
- Killer Whale
- Lamb
- Penguin
- Panther
- Raccoon Kit
- Gorilla
- Cricket
- Dromedary Camel
- Pig
- Frog
- Hippopotamus
- Giant Anteater
- Harbor Seal Pup

The applications are located AirPush advertising (which is not a virus!)

Please do not place a 1 if you do not like it simply uninstall it!

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Latest Android App: Gares en Direct

Les gares sont, au cœur de l’inter-modalité, des lieux de vie ouverts sur la ville.
Parce que l’information est capitale dans un monde qui bouge, Gares en Direct est l’application officielle des gares françaises du groupe SNCF.

Grâce à Gares en Direct:
- vous trouvez facilement votre train avec les tableaux de départ et d’arrivée des trains en temps réel;
- vous pouvez vous repérer plus facilement dans l’offre de transport de plus en plus riche mais complexe autour des gares.
Vous disposez de l’offre détaillée des moyens de transport pour venir et repartir des gares (transports en commun, modes doux, modes en libre service, …)
vous disposez aussi de plans de quartier détaillés interactifs pour repérer les moyens de transports autour des gares (pour les plus grandes gares);
- vous pouvez gérer votre temps d’attente en connaissant mieux les services et les commerces mis à votre disposition dans les gares.
Venez découvrir les nouveaux services de proximité, les nouveaux concepts de commerces;
- vous vous déplacez en confiance et plus rapidement dans la gare à l’aide de plans de gare (pour les plus grandes gares);
- vous êtes informés sur les actualités et les événements ponctuels se déroulant dans les gares (car les gares ne servent pas uniquement à attraper son train);
- vous pouvez rechercher des horaires de train entre deux gares, avoir des informations sur un train particulier et connaître les prévisions de trafic sur l’ensemble du réseau ferrés.

Disponible actuellement pour environ 250 gares, Gares en Direct va s’enrichir au fil des mois.

Gares en Direct est totalement gratuite pour votre service.

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Latest Android App: Schalke 3D Live Wallpaper Free

FC Schalke 04 3D Live Wallpaper Frei.
Die besten Fußball-Verein FC Schalke 04.
Tags: Schalke,Die Königsblauen,Die Knappen

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Latest Android App: Hippo Adventure Free

Hippo Adventure FREE is brain-teasing puzzles game.

Hippo lives in splendid fairy-tale locations. He likes to walk in unfamiliar places, and often falls into place from where hard to get back home and not to be caught by angry blocks.
Help Hippo to come back home!

Hippo Adventure features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based game elements.
Each level requires logic, skill, and reaction to aim the target.

FEATURES in FREE version:
- an incredible 21 levels and more levels in full version
- tight and fast paced gameplay
- think before you touch and be sure to avoid the red box and obstacles
- amazing looking graphics
- combines realistic physics with simple, accurate and precise touch control
- various objects to manipulate with

Get the inside scoop on OKIGAMES:
Folow us on Facebook:
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Visit our site:

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Latest Android App: Serie A

The screenshots are in Italian but the app is multilingual and also includes English.

FINALLY real livescore notifications from the Italian Serie A in football to your phone or tablet.

Notifications are for FREE !!!

Serie A is the app to follow standings, tournament schedule, livescore, topscorer, and more from the Italian Serie A in football. Follow live matches and get notifications.

It is possible to be notified from live matches. Settings let turn on and off notifications. You can get notifications even when your screen has been turned off. You can also choose your favorite teams and control refresh interval.

The tournament schedule has the complete schedule for 2011/2012. The schedule has a paging feature that lets you page between the rounds, jump to the current round, jump to season start and season end.

As a unique feature the topscorer list is updated live… whenever a goal has been scored the list is updated.

PLEASE NOTICE: There is also a PRO version of this app available here on Android Market. The PRO version has even more features including goal score on all the previous matches played, red and yellow cards, landscape screens, press the players on topscorer list and get information on when they scored their goals, and more…

Serie A in football 2011/2012 consists of the following teams:

AC Milan

Keywords: Results – Fixtures – Football – Serie A – English – Nofity – Italy – Notifications – Alert – Live Score – Goal – Free

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Latest Android App: Lady takes off her clothes

Lady takes off her clothes slowly (12 photos)
Don’t stop yourself from examining how this beautiful lady with perfect long legs is posing right in front of the camera exposing some of the sweetest spots of hers. You should just believe this woman really got what to demonstrate and knows how to turn you on from staring at her erotic pictures. Longhaired lady with eyes filled up with passion begins posing in her top, short skirt and shoes on high heels. She is posing on her big sofa lying in different positions exposing some spots of her fresh body. Leggy model is taking off her top and raising skirt for a while giving us a chance of witnessing her expensive black lingerie. She is really one of most beautiful women I’ve ever seen!

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Latest Android App: Send Barcode Ad

Scan barcode/QRcode and send to other application.

Require barcode reader.

Barcord Reader :

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Latest Android App: Hamrah Football

Live results of Lig-e-Bartar
Live results of Jame Hazfi
Biography of Lig-e-Bartar’s Teams

Hamrah Farsi
همراه فوتبال
اعلام نتایج زنده مسابقات لیگ برتر ایران (جام خلیج فارس) برای اولین بار بصورت مستقیم روی آندروید
از طریق همراه فوتبال
نتایج زنده و گزارش لحظه به لحظه لیگ برتر ایران
نتایج زنده و گزارش لحظه به لحظه جام حذفی ایران
معرفی و تاریخچه تیم های حاضر در لیگ برتر
نمایش جدول لیگ برتر
ظاهر گرافیکی زیبا و کاربر پسند
بدون نیاز به مرورگر وب
بدون نیاز به فونت فارسی
توجه: قبل از نصب، برنامه آدوبی ایر را از قسمت ابزار بازار نصب نمایید.

برای استفاده از این برنامه نیاز به دسترسی به اینترنت Wifi یا GPRS دارید.
کاری از گروه همراه فارسی

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Latest Android App: Spider-Man Wallpapers Free

This is wallpaper app with pictures from Spider-Man 1, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. Features Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin

NEW FEATURE: Save To Phone
Now, Save the pictures to your phone edit or share.

NEW FEATURE: Image Slider
New and improved interface makes scrolling to your favorite Spider-Man picture even faster
Keywords – Spiderman Wallpaper, Spider-Man Wallpaper,spider man Wallpaper

Updated often with new pictures and new features.

Should re-size to most phones, please consider cost before giving a poor rating for size issues.

DIRECTIONS: To Crop the picture, click the "Save to Phone" button and set the image as your wallpaper from with your
Android Gallery app

Spider-Man copyright Marvel

Spider-Man 1, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 copyright Sony Pictures

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Latest Android App: Mirror 2


This is a version of Mirror made for the devices that don’t work with the original version of Mirror so if you had problems you can try this one.

Mirror is one of the most useful apps that you can get on your android phone.
It turns your screen into a mirror so that you can make that last check before starting the important meeting or showing at your girlfriend.
No need to take a real mirror in your bang anymore your android phone is there for you and maybe can save your life ( or new work ;)
Just start Mirror app and watch your screen turning into a mirror and showing your face.

If your phone has a front facing camera then most probably this app will work however you can see the tested devices at the bottom.Works best on Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Incredible S .

For Bug reports please contact us.

Thank You!

Tested on :
HTC Incredible S | Evo 4G | Sensation 4G |
LG G2X |
Motorola Droid/Milestone 3 |
Samsung Galaxy S2 / Samsung Galaxy SII

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Classic Copter

Classic popular copter game!!!

Drive the helicopter through the cave avoiding obstacles.

Get a great score, and be part of the top 10 players!!!

Use the menu to change settings and to check highscores.

Enjoy it!

*** NOTE: This app uses LeadBolt to send you *one* advertisement per day in your notifcation bar. If you don’t like LeadBolt (or advertisements in general) don’t bother with your one-star reviews and go away.

Tags: classiccopter, Copter, Classic, Old, Helicopter, Explosion, Crash, Fly, Pilot, Cave, Green, Blocks, Platforms, Arcade

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Latest Android App: Akıllı Robot

Android gündemi hakkında güncel bilgiler veren, cihaz ve uygulamalar ile ilgili bildirimler yayınlayıp, ipuçları veren’un uygulaması Android Market’te!

Uygulama ile yapabileckeleriniz:
-Güncel yazıları istediğiniz aralıklarala alabilir ve basit arayüzle okuyabilirsiniz,
-Beğendiğiniz yazıları favorilerinize ekleyebilir ya da tek dokunuşla paylaşabilirsiniz,
-Widget desteği ile ana ekranınızda yazıları görüntüleyebilirsiniz.

Uygulama hafıza kartına taşınabilmektedir ancak bu işlemden sonra widget çalışmamaktadır.

Uygulama temel olarak sadece okuma işlevini gerçekleştirmektedir. Yazılara yorum yapmak için Menü > Aç komutuyla yazılarımızı sitenin mobil görünümde görüntüleyebilir ve yorum yapabilirsiniz.

**Önemli Not** Turkcell T10, Samsung Galaxy Spica, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini gibi GPU’su bulunmayan cihazlarda uygulama açılmayacaktır.

Uygulama ile ilgili problemleri yorumlamadan önce lütfen geliştiriciye bildirim yapınız.

Uygulamamızı beğeneceğinizi umuyoruz.

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Latest Android App: My-CCTV

My-CCTV mobile application, allows all valued user to monitor and control Video Surveillance System (DVR) which is only compatible with My-CCTV.

# Key Features
- Live Monitoring (Single/Multi view)
- PTZ Control
- System Log
- Event Log

# Supported Device
- All model (Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 Tested)

# Supported Android OS version
- From Android 2.2 (Proyo)

# Supported eDVR products

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Latest Android App: Go Launcher EX Theme Frost

I present to you the theme for Frost Go Launcher EX.
I hope you like it. (See screenshots)
This topic used to overlay layers of icons, so all of your icons after installing the themes blend with the overall design as well as all the new applications that you install will have changed with the icon.

– Icons in the subject 85 by 85 pixels for maximum sharpness set your preferences to Go Launchera size of the icons 85 to 85.

– 1 background image for your desktop
– 1 background image to the Applications menu
– Semi-transparent background for a folder.

I very much hope that you enjoy this theme and do not forget to rate)).
If there are proposals to improve matters or any problems email me at Gmail.

Key words: GO Launcher EX GO Themes Theme Frost Christmas snow ice new year DEV Team

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Latest Android App: iCalciatori

iCalciatori : la collezione Calciatori sempre con te sul tuo palmo !
Scarica l’applicazione ufficiale della raccolta di figurine Calciatori 2011-2012, sarai costantemente aggiornato sugli eventi legati al mondo Calciatori Panini.
Scaricando l’applicazione iCalciatori potrai infatti:
-ricevere tutte le news legate al mondo Calciatori Panini, ordinarle per data, per vicinanza geografica.
E’ inoltre prevista l’attivazione di notifiche push quando sono disponibili nuove notizie.
-guardare i video più belli caricati nel canale YouTube Calciatori Panini
-indicare per tutte le sezioni dell’album le figurine che hai (“ce l’ho”!) e quelle che ti mancano (“manca!”) e condividere queste informazioni con i tuoi amici collezionisti
-accedere alla sezione Photogallery con le immagini di tutte le copertine Calciatori Panini e tante altre foto. Potrai inoltre salvare le immagini sul tuo dispositivo Android e/o condividerle con i tuoi amici
-ricevere ogni giorno delle figurine virtuali da salvare nel tuo dispositivo Android
-accedere alla sezione Games e mettere alla prova le tue competenze calcistiche con le mitiche figurine Panini, oltre a condividere punteggio e classifica su OpenFeint.

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Latest Android App: SDCCU Mobile Deposit

Use SDCCU Mobile Deposit to conveniently deposit checks from your iPhone any where, any time.

To enroll:

1. Log into Internet Branch online banking and click SDCCU Mobile Deposit under Mobile Banking.
2. Accept Terms and Conditions.
3. Log into the SDCCU Mobile Deposit App using your Internet Branch online banking credentials. Then just check, snap, deposit.

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Latest Android App: Kids Shapes Game Lite

**Fun4Kids Kids Basics – Shapes ** (US English)

Lite version includes limited activity.
2 of the 4 activities are available in this Lite Edition.

Please reach us @ [email protected] for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.

Please click on the following link if you are having problems downloading:

Fun4Kids’ purpose is to provide with premium educational games to help our kids learn.

Kids Basics Shapes (1- Shapes) with audio is a great educational app for babies, toddlers and pre-school kids. It contains shapes with nice illustrations as well as words and their pronunciation.

"Kids Basics – Shapes" is the first of the 4 apps Kids Basics Series. In contains the following activities :

*Test : This activity helps your kids to learn basic shapes. Kids are given three options and asked to identify the visible shape.

*Guess : In this activity, kids are asked to pick the matching shape for the real world object that is displayed.

*Match : This activity is a classical memory game that develops your kids concentration and cognition skills.

*Patterns : Kids are asked to construct the displayed pattern by dragging and dropping individual shapes into their proper places.

This app will keep your kids entertain while helping them learn new objects, and words with audio.

Handy at home, in a plane, in the car, or at a restaurant.
Fun4Kids is committed to your toddlers best educational experience. This app will keep your preschool kid entertained while learning at the same time.

Simple interface, click on the left and right button to navigate.
Touch to hear sounds for each object, It will play sounds as each object is changed.

keywords: kids shapes, preschool shapes, shapes, toddlers shapes, baby shapes, educational apps, kids apps, kids shapes apps

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