Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Wake-up Light and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Wake-up Light and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Wake-up Light

Wake-up Light makes you wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This app turns your Android device into a wake-up light. Just set the alarm and leave your device by your bed.

Your light will start about 20 minutes before wake-up time at minimum brightness and then slowly increase towards your wake-up time. When your alarm rings you will wake up naturally.

This app will also play sounds from the nature, which increases in volume in sync with screen brightness. This helps you wake up even more easily!

NOTE: This app works best when used on devices with large, bright displays.

Several new features are planned, stay tuned!

This app works in addition to your existing alarm-clock, so leave your alarm set as usual.

You can configure how long before your alarm rings the light should start. A good value here is about 20-30 minutes.

Connect your device to a charger to avoid draining the battery.

Please send me an e-mail if this app does not work on your device or if you got a suggestion for an improvement.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Phone Secure

With Phone Secure will have more chances of recovering your phone in case of theft by sending sms. Receive information via SMS and / or e-mail.


The first time you start the Secure Phone shows the configuration screen where you enter the security code to access the next time and to run operations through SMS.

We must also enter a phone number and email address to which we want to get notifications.

Finally we have to enter the serial number of 1 or 2 SIM so that if you put any other than these, we send a text message indicating the new number. We can press the button to get automatically Read SIM serial number of our SIM.

After pressing the Save Preferences button and you’re all set.

The next time you start Secure Phone will get a screen to enter the security code. If we forget the same login screen can indicate that you send us an sms or an e-mail with the code.

Options sms / call

NOTE: To test the application without having to spend money sending sms, Phone Secure every action executed after receiving a sms is equivalent to placing a call to a number.


Sending a SMS with the text codigoPerdido Secure Phone will start to search the location by GPS and if it gets activated and tries WIFI antenna triangulation. Whenever I get the result send SMS to the number given in the configuration with the position (latitude and longitude) and if connected to the Internet we will also send an e-mail with the position and a link to Google Maps.

We can test this option from your terminal by calling the number 101.


Sending a SMS with the text codigoDesvio makes any call that is made from the phone is diverted to the number indicated in the configuration.

Called equivalent: 102


Sending a SMS with the text codigoNodesvio cancels call forwarding.

Called equivalent: 103


Sending a SMS with the text codigoAvion puts the phone in Airplane mode preventing any other message we send, but forcing anyone with our phone to restart and change the SIM.

Called equivalent: 104


Sending a SMS with the text codigoLlamame makes the phone vibrate a few seconds, you hear the sound of a siren on screen displays a message indicating it will proceed to call the owner of the phone and then calling the telephone number listed in the configuration.

Called equivalent: 105


Sent a sms with the text codigoAlarma makes it sound a siren sound when the phone is silent. This option can help us find our phone if we suspect it is close.

Called equivalent: 106


Sending a SMS with the text codigoBorrasms Phone Secure delete all sms from memory. This option can be useful if you have data in sms kermes not to see or simply delete all sms at once.

Called equivalent: 107


Sending a SMS with the text codigoBloqueo launches a screen indicating the phone is locked to prevent any thing that this message no longer blocking visible at any time.

Called equivalent: 108


Sending a SMS with the text codigoDesbloqueo unlocks the phone.

From the phone itself can unlock it by entering the security code.

-Permanent blocking

Sending a SMS with the text codigoBloqueoper the phone freezes even if you reboot.

Called equivalent: 109

-Permanent unlocking

Sending a SMS with the text condigoDesbloqueoper fully unlock the phone.

Called equivalent: 110

NOTE: Secure Phone should be excluded in the list of processes to kill in applications such as Task Killer.

Recent changes:
1. Fixed a bug that appears when changing SIM phones with certain carriers.

2. Added option to simulate a change SIM when you call the number 111.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Langel’s Pizza

Order fresh food from Langel’s Pizza with this application.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: GBEDF

The Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation (GBEDF) App empowers users with knowledge about Bossier City, Louisiana, and the resources available to our citizens. This App provides comprehensive state and local incentive details regarding film production and digital technology, as well as energy, education and defense information about this area of NW Louisiana.

App Features Include:
•Film Production Information & Studio Listings
•Digital & Software Incentive Information
•State & Local Incentives Snapshot Chart
•Industrial Park & Commercial Real Estate Information
•Demographic Statistics

For more information about GBEDF, please visit our website:

Recent changes:
Initial Release

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Colock


Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Test App

This is a test application. It only displays a string.

Recent changes:
Displaying some text.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist

Listen to the challenging and inspirational messages of H.B. Charles Jr. of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. The mission of Shiloh is to make more and better disciples for Jesus Christ in Jacksonville and throughout the nations (Matt. 28:18-20).

We strive to be faithful to the "Great Commission" of the Lord Jesus Christ by connecting people to Christ and church, by growing our members to think and behave biblically, and by serving one another, our community, and the world in Christian love.

For more information about Shiloh, please visit:

The Shiloh app was created with The Church App by Subsplash.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Fish Journal

1) Friend Sharing: FishJournal’s powerful social networking capabilities is always a touch of a button away. Friend Sharing allows you to search for your friends using the FishJournal application. Once you connect, you have access to your friend’s Tacklebox Inventory and Journal Entries. No more searching through useless forums or constantly bugging your friends with text messages on the next hot spot. Just browse the sharing features and find out for yourself!

2) Tacklebox Inventory: Always know what you own for fishing tackle. With FishJournal’s tacklebox features you can have multiple tackleboxes with inventory. Detailed information of your tackle such as color, weight, size, and more. And what better way to put the power of the tackle to use by grabbing it when making a journal entry. Not sure what you want to replenish? No problem, with Tacklebox Inventory your can rate your tackle on a 5 star rating system. And use the powerful reporting features to get the information you need to make those important decisions.

3) Journal Entries: Bring the power of FishJournal all together with this feature. Store detailed information of your fishing history and get the reports you need so you can plan your next fishing trip. Using the GPS capabilities of your phone we can take the hassle out of data entry and automatically store some important data for you, such as Location, Coordinates, and detailed Weather Information. You just add the rest by filling in the blanks for other details such as, fish caught, depth, and more. And as if we couldn’t have made it any easier, you can hit a button and grab the tackle you used right from your tacklebox. You can also take a picture with your phone’s camera and store it with the journal entry.

4) Reporting: They state, "Knowledge is Power," and we couldn’t agree more. The purpose of creating good data entries is so that it can do something for you. With the powerful advanced reporting capabilities of FishJournal, the ultimate fishing app for android smart phones, you can get the data when you need it. Save time, save money, and catch more fish with the reports that FishJournal brings to you. Find out what you used most last year from your tacklebox based on the 5 star rating, where did you fish last year at a given date, how well did you do, what depth, what GPS coordinate? I think you get the point.

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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Latest Android App: Icon Pack Black and White

This app is made specifically for use with Crazy Home, Adw launcher or Desktop Visualizer (DVR). (Search for them in the market there is a free version and a paid version of ADW Launcher and Crazy home this app works with both.)


For ADW Launcher:

To use icon pack click and hold an icon on your Adw launcher home screen when the options pop-up click edit then click the icon image to change it. some options will pop-up after clicking the icon image click the one that says Adw icon pack then choose BlackandWhiteIcons. Your icon pack should now be open and whatever icon you click will skin over the original icon.

For Desktop Visualizer:

Click desktop visualizer from your app drawer, when its open click select icon. When the popup comes up click image file then choose DVR BlackandWhiteIcons. Click an icon then pick what action you would like to associate with that icon. For example after selecting an icon click select action then launch application now click messaging. Now you can give the action a custom label if you would like then I suggest to check the box by prevent home app from changing icon. Now when you click ok DVR will put that icon you selected from the icon pack on your home screen and when you click it the action you just assigned will be run (would be opening your messaging app if you just did the example).

I will make custom icons for you so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please email me with any questions comments or suggestions.

Recent changes:
Initial release

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Nash Player

Nash Player is a player for Nashe Radio (Наше Радио It uses Streaming URLs provided on the web site. The player tries to play constantly and if Internet connection is interrupted, it will resume playing ones connectivity is restores. It also provide name of a song in notification bar. The player could be controlled with remote headset.

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Whack A Prez:The Obama Edition

The Original Whack game from the folks at AndHick LLC. That’s right folks this is the one that started it all….Whack A Prez: The Obama Edition. Grab a group of your pi$$ed of politician friends and take out some of your frustration in a harmless and productive way with the Whack A Prez app. Have a contest and see who the best Whack A Prez player is!!

Content rating: Low Maturity

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Tao te Ching

Brian Browne Walker is the author of contemporary translations of the I Ching, Tao te Ching, Hua hu Ching, and Art of War which are published by Harper and St. Martin’s Press and translated into over a dozen languages around the world.

His "Tao te Ching", long beloved for its clarity and accessibility, has routinely received four and five star reviews on Amazon consistently for over a decade. Now available as an elegantly designed and easy to use app, it allows you to make the wisdom of the sages your own.

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Alterlife wallpaper

These living wallpaper of bacteria. Colonies fighting for life and for living on your phone. They are hunting for food for the growth of the colony. But the food was not enough. Natural selection works. You can feed your favorite colony. Do not miss the main event in the life of single-celled!

TO USE: Home -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

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