Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Where’s the Party at? and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Where’s the Party at? and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Where’s the Party at?

Where’s the Party at?™ is the single most effective, easy to use; Nightclub, Nightlife, Bar, Club, Dance Party, Rave, Live Music, Party, VIP, Dance your tail off, Local Night Life Information finder on the planet!

You can search for a "public" party using your GPS location. You can use new proximity slider to choose how far away you want to see parties. (up to 500 mile radius).

New nightclubs, live music and entertainment clubs and groups, across the World are adding new events daily! Major cities will have the most searchable WTPA events. Rural areas will fill up fast! Join us in this nightlife revolution!

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Latest Android App: Neurosurgery Survival Guide

The Neurosurgery Survival Guide is quick reference, high-yield guide that encompasses that massive breadth of knowledge and information necessary to care for neurosurgical patients. This is the ideal reference for all neurosurgical residents, interns, medical students and all other mid-level practitioners that will encounter and care for neurosurgical patients (Nurse practitioners NP, and Physician Assistants PA). Ideal for all people working the Neurointensive care units.

There are now over 100 unique topics covered in this guide. Any new content is updated continuously and free of charge each time the application is opened, thereby keeping all material up-to-date with the latest in practice recommendations.

This guide has everything from the Complete Neurologic exam, rapid reference to many protocols, a ‘what-to-do’ guide when encountering many of the common neurosurgical conditions’, all aspects of Neurocritical care, common neurosurgical procedures, a pediatric section and trauma. There is even a section for learning which includes high-yield neuroanatomy, cavernous sinus anatomy, spinal cord, functional neurosurgery, and neuroimaging.

An ‘In the OR’ which covers several topics such as getting an OR case started, covers positioning and pinning. In addition, there are step by step guides for many of the common neurosurgical procedures, with many more to come.

Includes dozens of unique high-quality graphics and illustrations done professionally.

This is the definitive neurosurgery rapid reference for Android. Everything you need to know when caring for Neurosurgical patients. A ‘Must-have’ on your Neurosurgery rotation.

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Latest Android App: Wilks Calculator

A wilks calculator, used for calculating the wilks score of a lifter in powerlifting competitions. It is also possible to add multiple lifters for comparison. By using this feature you are able to tell how much "your" lifter needs to total to beat the other lifters on wilks score. Handy feature for the powerlifting coach.

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Latest Android App: REMSleepAlarm

This Alarmclock respect yours sleep cycles, in order to do a happy and healthy wakeup during your last light sleep phase.

This can be helpful for several sleep disorders like:
narcolepsy, hypersomnia, apnea, insomnia, etc.

Waking up in the middle of a depht phase or REM phase, is not good for your working, procedural and declarative memories.

Have a happy rem phase and dreams!!

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Latest Android App: PassGen

This application is a suite of tools designed to assist you with the creation and management of your passwords. This includes the ability to randomly generate passwords to meet specific requirements in length and complexity. This app also features an algorithm to rate a given password and automatically makes suggestions on how it can be improved.

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Latest Android App: ATI RN Mentor NCLEX Exam Prep

RN students can now prepare for the NCLEX® on-the-go, anywhere, anytime with the ATI RN MobileMentor™. This quiz app includes close to 800 unique questions organized by NCLEX area, body function and clinical area. You choose the topics and number of questions to generate customized quizzes. You also can share information around specific questions with other students from within the app.


• Close to 800 Unique Questions written by ATI Nurse Educators. These are original questions that are not used in previous ATI tests and program materials.

• Each question features detailed rationales for both correct and incorrect answers.

• Based on the 2010 NCLEX-RN® Test Plan.

• Questions from NCLEX area, body function and clinical area categories.

• Create custom quizzes by selecting from subtopics, or let us generate a random quiz for you from representative topics.

• User controls the number of questions (1-100); the app will estimate how long the quiz will take.

• Includes NCLEX question types – multiple choice, ordered response, image hot-spot and chart exhibit.

• Includes an option to share your quiz results to your Facebook wall or twitterfeed and post questions to the ATI Facebook wall from within the application.

• Submit questions and initiate discussions on specific questions directly to/on Facebook from within the app.

• Review previous quizzes you have taken at any time.

• Review your quiz results, including a breakdown by each subtopic.

• Question review browser allows you to browse the entire collection of questions within the app without having to take a quiz.

• Unless connecting to Facebook or Twitter, an Internet connection is not necessary to use the app.

• Easy-to-use pop-up calculator is available from any question in the app.


• Basic Care and Comfort
• Health Promotion and Maintenance
• Management of Care
• Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies
• Psychosocial Integrity
• Reduction of Risk Potential
• Physiological Adaptation
• Safety and Infection Control

• Cardiac Output and Tissue Perfusion
• Cognition and Sensation
• Excretion
• Immunity
• Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption and Elimination
• Integument
• Mobility
• Oxygenation
• Regulation and Metabolism
• Reproduction

• Adult Medical-Surgical
• Fundamentals
• Leadership
• Maternal Newborn
• Mental Health
• Nursing Care of Children
• Nutrition
• Pharmacology

** Note: You don’t need to be enrolled at a school that uses ATI products to prepare for the NCLEX® with the ATI RN MobileMentor™. **

Once you’ve used the app, we would love your feedback, so please post a review.

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Latest Android App: CreativeLabs Field


This is a holder for an application currently in development. At the current stage the app does nothing and is not useful.

Thanks you.

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Latest Android App: Parti Al Mustakbal

L’application Parti Al Mustakbal permettra de découvrir le parti Al Mustakbal, son programme, son équipe, ses bureaux ainsi que de s’inscrire au parti. Cette application offre de ce fait l’opportunité à l’ensemble des Tunisiens de rester en contact avec ce parti, que ce soit en Tunisie ou à l’étranger.

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Latest Android App: PureSense Irrigation Manager

FOR PURESENSE SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. The PureSense app brings the reporting power you’ve come to expect from Irrigation Manager to your phone, allowing you to be more informed, efficient and mobile than ever before. Get the app and access real-time soil moisture and weather information for your crops in the palm of your hand.

Recent changes:
- New setting to toggle water bank percentage values on/off
- Various minor improvements and bug fixes

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Latest Android App: Conestoga Anywhere Deposit

Save valuable time and money with Conestoga Anywhere DEPOSIT. Pre-approved Conestoga Bank customers can now make deposits directly from their Android device in a safe and secure manner. With Conestoga Anywhere DEPOSIT, you can make deposits when it’s convenient for you – from your office or home and you don’t ever have to worry about flexing your schedule around bank hours.

It’s simple, once you enroll and login to your Conestoga Anywhere DEPOSIT account from your Android device, simply enter the dollar amount of the check that you are depositing, take a photo of the front and back of the check, and your deposit will be transmitted directly to Conestoga Bank for posting and clearing.

Have questions about Conestoga Anywhere DEPOSIT? Call us at 1-866-437-2265.

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