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And-bible is an open source Android app which you can use to study the Bible on your Android Mobile. Read the bible and refer to commentaries wherever you are:
* over 40 English versions of the bible including ESV, KJV and NET
* the bible in over 50 different languages – Swedish, Hungarian, Chinese, Russian and many more
* 26 commentaries
* uses the Java Sword engine from CrossWire
* user interface translated into many different languages
* all free always and the code is open source so you can see how it works and improve it
* you can add more bibles to the list via the CrossWire site

This bible downloads bible documents and uses software from the CrossWire web-site. For support and contributions see

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Source Code
# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout and-bible-read-only

Release Notes
Release 0.0.11 (8/10/2010)

This build contains a minor bug fix. Errors occurring were not being displayed in the ui thread causing a secondary uncaught error.
Release 0.0.10 was skipped
Release 0.0.9 (6/10/2010)

This build contains bug fixes for issues discovered in build 0.0.8

* fix for notifications that cannot be cleared if indexing or downloading fail
* incorrect version number in translated uis
* a few other subtle improvements in background task monitoring and thread creation

Release 0.0.8 (4/10/2010)

If you have used a previous version of and-bible you will need to uninstall the old version before installing version 0.0.8 because a new encryption key is being used.

* Faster navigation using grouped books and chapters
* Improve synchronization of page change, hourglass, and verse update
* Text to speech – listen to the bible read to you
* Make swipe more sensitive
* Download to dir deleted on app uninstall (Android 2.2) but still allow use of sdcard/jsword for manual installs
* New icon (thanks John)
* French localisation (thanks Dominique)
* Improved initial install and download flow
* Android Notification bar integration for download and index
* Machine automated translations of the ui for Chinese, Korean, and German users (thanks Thomas)

Release 0.0.7 (18/09/2010)

* Exact verse calculation
* Splash screen
* History
* Add Norwegian ui text (thanks Lars)


* Fix increasing number of duplicate page loads resulting in gradual slow down of bible
* Fix duplicate calls to display commentary pages
* Darker night mode & larger font
* Avoid double quotes before Jesus Christ’s words in esv

Release 0.0.6 (20/08/2010)

* Experimenting with a new name ‘and God said’
* Module download from CrossWire site
* Jump to verse
* Hungarian ui translation started (thanks Gabor)
* Download documents displayed on first run so should no longer be required.
* Night mode option (white text on black background)
* index creation works but is very slow

Release 0.0.5 (3/8/2010)

* Fixed and enhanced search functionality – you need to get the new indexes from too
* Swedish user interface translation started (thanks Thomas)

Release 0.0.4 (23/7/2010)

* better visual pages
o using WebView instead of TextView
o noticeably faster due to use of WebView
o tweak default font and spacing
o pop-up footnotes & cross-references and allow navigation direct to cross-references (works well in ESV)
* options page for display options e.g. turn off verse numbers, notes, …
* fix – page forward/back in a commentary sometimes causes a blank screen
* fix swipe sensitivity problem affecting Droid

Release 0.0.3 14/7/10

* fix to allow use of non OSIS ztext modules

Release 0.0.2 14/7/10

* Use standard menu instead of toolbar
* Optimised page loading
* Slightly improved book/chapter selection
* Current verse estimation and improved bible-commentary synch
* fix back-a-page swipe
* trackball support for next/prev page
* application icon
* tidy search results
* save & restore state

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