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Android-shuffle(A GTD personal organizer for the Android platform) is an open source Android app which is used as a personal organizational tool, styled around the Getting Things Done methodology. Shuffle is a dumping ground for ideas and tasks. It lets you rapidly create and organize your actions, relieving you of the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done. Since Shuffle is a mobile application, you will have it with you where ever you are. You can always add an idea you’ve just had, or quickly check what’s on the top of your list of actions.

A simple elegant workflow encourages you to categorize your actions into projects and optionally provide a context. This structure lets you to break down formidable projects into individual achievable actions. As a project evolves over time, you can clean out old actions as they’re performed, add new actions and reorder any remaining actions depending on your current priorities.

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# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout android-shuffle-read-only


How to use Shuffle

This is the best place to add your actions. The Inbox is where all actions start off before they are processed. It’s a good idea to keep your Inbox as slim as possible. Doing so, does not mean you have to actually perform the actions. It simply means you’ve analyzed each action and done one of the following:

* discard actions that no longer consider important
* perform the action if it doesn’t require much time
* assigned the action to a project (and optionally a context)
* re-categorized the action as a project, if it requires many steps to complete

Once you’ve processed the list, select Clean up Inbox from the menu to clear out all the categorized actions from your Inbox.


Now that you’ve organized your actions, you can view them in a structured manner. The Project perspective lists all your projects, and allows you to drill-down into each project to view its actions. In addition to the standard adding, editing and deleting of actions, the project view also supports rearranging actions in the order you intend to complete them. This step is important for the Next Actions perspective discussed below.

Projects, like contexts, can be viewed in two different modes: drill-down or expandable view. In drill down mode, clicking on a project takes you to another screen showing the actions for that project. In expandable mode, clicking a project shows its actions on the same screen. Each view provides the same list of features, so choosing which to use (via the Preferences) is a matter of personal preference.

In addition to adding, editing and deleting actions (supported by all perspectives), the project view lets you rearrange your actions in the order you wish to complete them.

For more help, please visit the Android-shuffle Online Help:

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