Open Source Android Apps for Developers: Android-smspopup

Android-smspopup is a SMS Popup application for the Android mobile OS, not only very useful for Android phone users, but also valuable for Android developers.

Apps Description
An Android application that intercepts incoming text messages and displays them in a popup window (activity). The popup window shows the contact the message came from and their contact photo (if there is one) as well as the content of the message. Directly from the popup the user is given the option to Close the popup (marking the message read) or Reply to the message (using a system intent).

The more recent versions of SMS Popup also have a full notifications system built in – this allows a user to disable the built in messaging app notifications and use those from SMS Popup. The notifications system has additional options such as custom vibrate pattern, custom LED color and the ability to remind the user of a missed message in case they missed the notification the first time it played. .

Project Home

Project owners


Apk Downloads

You can download the latest package on the download section at android-smspopup project home.

Check Out Source Code
svn checkout android-smspopup-read-only




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