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Cute Android: Open Source Android Apps for Developers: Floatingimage (Show an image stream on your android phone)

Floating Image is an open source Android project which streams images from the web as well as from the device and displays them in a continuous stream of floating images across the display. A close Floating Image derivative is featured on the Archos 70 and 101 tablets as Photo Frame. Floating Image is a spare time project to get some experience coding for mobile devices in general and the Android platform in specific.

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# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout floatingimage-read-only


13/09-2010: 2.6.3

* Improved zoom navigation (Spring action when exceeding bounds)
* Removed some unused code and textures = slight optimization
* Fixed zoom texture bug
* Added error handling – might fix HTC Wildfire texture bug?

12/09-2010: 2.6.2

* Fixed immediate crash on 1.5 devices.

12/09-2010: 2.6.1

* Fixed immediate crash on non-multitouch devices.

12/09-2010: 2.6.0

* Multitouch! Not perfect, but not bad. :)
* Rotation fix for devices with non-standard default rotation (ie. landscape)
* Rotation option for devices that show wrong side up.
* 2.2 devices get soft button light turned off
* Facebook signout fixed
* Rotation image reload made slightly smoother.
* Exif reading fixed.
* Various bugfixes

06/09-2010: 2.5.7

* Fix crash when rotating while finishing download of large image.

06/09-2010: 2.5.6

* Showing old image when rotating after new image is selected but not yet loaded, fixed.

05/09-2010: 2.5.5

* Added much needed warning that high resolution thumbnails might crash phone. :(

05/09-2010: 2.5.4

* Removed some initial multitouch code that crashed pre-2.1update-1 phones. Sorry about that.

05/09-2010: 2.5.3

* More image speeds available.
* Tweaks to lower memory usage.
* Focused images look better.
* Read Exif data on capable devices.
* HD display errors fixed.
* Minior language fixes.
* Feeds should be added faster.
* Error when rotating selected image fixed.

18/08-2010: 2.5.2

* Fixed appearance bugs on manage feeds view.
* Made it possible to view hidden files when selecting feed directory, through the menu.

15/08-2010: 2.5.1

* Preventing the user from rewinding too far (about a screen length), as the images will just repeat.
* Fix Picasa Album view.
* Show who owns the seleted album in the feed manager.
* The speed of the floating stream is now adjustable.
* Small UI fixes here and there.

08/08-2010: 2.5.0

* Manual image rotation
* Improved image source management.
* Option for high quality thumbnails
* Image sharing (Share URL on online images).
* Certain bugs killed.
* High res launcher icon

05/07-2010: 2.4.8

* Full Picasa support, login and all
* Froyo App on SD-card support

27/06-2010: 2.4.7

* Much improved Flickr support.

19/06-2010 (30 minutes later): 2.4.6

* Thinking about it, the fix from the previous version introduced different bugs. Should be fixed now.

19/06-2010: 2.4.5

* Strange image swapping bug fixed. Should also remove some memory leaks. Fun stuff!
* Option whether details are shown is once again remembered.

13/06-2010: 2.4.4

* Friend facebook support
* Flickr authentication
* Ability to sign out of facebook

24/05-2010: 2.4.3

* Anti-aliasing!! (Requires Nexus One style hardware – Won’t work on Magic)
* Facebook support
* Strange image swapping fixed
* Samsung moment/spica bugfix

19/05-2010: 2.4.2

* More bugfixes

18/05-2010: 2.4.1

* Bugfixes

17/05-2010: 2.4.0

* New On Screen Display
* Optimizations for large display devices (Nexus One, etc)
* General bugfixes
* Somehow I broke Samsung support again. :(

18/04-2010: 2.3.16

* Basic Picasa support added.
* Swipe to move to next image added.

10/04-2010: 2.3.15

* Larger images are used, scaled to screen size.
* Shuffle is now actually used.
* Changed settings strings.
* Not adding local images to image cache (though this might be a good idea?)
* Not restarting renderer every time you return from sub-activity.
* More images can be set as background.

09/04-2010: 2.3.13, 2.3.14

* Fixed rather nasty bugs, among which:

– Splash screen time dependant on how stream search.

– Image feeding bugs fixed.

07/04-2010: 2.3.12

* Bug where no images appear fixed. You really should mail me about this, I cannot contact you if you just write something in the comments! :(

07/04-2010: 2.3.11

* Minor restructuring to allow for different display modes.
* Basic slideshow transitions implemented (still none for floating image)
* You can now choose if your images should be shuffled or not.

29/03-2010: 2.3.10

* Major restructuring of code to allow for more dynamic content.
* Specific Flickr feeds supported.
* 2MB+ images now supported (artificial cap removed)
* Infobar etc now also fade out, not only in.

21/03-2010: 2.3.9

* Per request the fullscreen option is now saved across sessions, so you no longer have to set it every time.

21/03-2010: 2.3.8

* Fixed bug where info bar was repeated, when it spanned more than 512 pixels.
* Fixed “show local folder” bug.

24/02-2010: 2.3.7

* Nasty bug filling up the feeds fixed. Sorry about that.
* Clear all button added to local feeds (This should have a warning – nothing now).

16/02-2010: 2.3.6

In the spirit of release early, release very very often:

* Back button will deselect selected image. If no image is selected, default behavior (quit program).

15/02-2010: 2.3.5

* Hopefully I have fixed some of the problems writing to a perfectly fine sd-card.
* Version is now saved in preferences, so even if there’s no sd-card the program should stop resetting constantly.

14/02-2010: 2.3.4

My brother insisted I enabled four axis rotation, so there you go…

* Four axis rotation added. :)

14/02-2010: 2.3.3

I finally sqeezed in a small update. Oh, and Floating Image just reached 10.000 downloads!

* Ability to save image to disk added.
* Ability to set flickr image as background added. The same will happen for local images eventually.
* (Hopefully) Better scrolling
* Some performance adjustments.
* Delay before rotating screen removed.

06/01-2010: 2.3.2


* Image picking is now correct
* Picking bug when resuming from viewing an image in horizontal mode.

05/01-2010: 2.3.1

* Fixed fullscreen bug.

05/01-2010: 2.3.0

Happy New Year!

* Full screen option added
* Show folder option added (Show only folder, it will take a while for the folder to fill the entire stream)
* Randomizing random photo stream.

30/12-2009: 2.2.0

* Live rotation.
* New splash screen and icon, courtesy Mikkel Gjøl (Same goes for creative input, shadows and background).
* Support for running with no SD-card (Previously it crashed hard, now it warns the user, and is flaky).

28/12-2009: 2.1.1

Yeck! Another bug! I suck!

* Control locks under certain circumstances when selecting an image.

28/12-2009: 2.1.0

Yeck! A bug:

* Bug where images are displayed badly at startup removed.
* Progress bar for loading images added.
* Minor UI changes

28/12-2009: 2.0.0

I found time to do a little coding over a weekend, so finally some updates:

* Multiple display sizes support, also horizontal mode.
* Background changed from black.
* Stream fades out when an image is selected.
* Image information fades in.
* Images now have shadows (Except for new images, they still glow).
* Images are by default slighly more messy, by being rotated.
* Images brought to focus using smoothstep rather than linear motion.
* Local feeds (images on the phone) are now user definable.
* General optimizations.


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