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IMSDroid (High Quality Video SIP/IMS client for Google Android) is an open source Android project which is the first fully featured open source 3GPP IMS Client for Android devices (1.5 and later). The main purpose of the project is to exhibit doubango’s features and to offer an IMS client to the open source community. doubango is an experimental, open source, 3GPP IMS/LTE framework for both embedded (Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, iPad, …) and desktop systems (Windows XP/Vista/7, MAC OS X, Linux, …) and is written in ANSI-C to ease portability. The framework has been carefully designed to efficiently work on embedded systems with limited memory and low computing power.

As the SIP implementation follows RFC 3261 and 3GPP TS 24.229 Rel-9 specifications, this will allow you to connect to any compliant SIP registrar.

3GPP IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the next generation network for delivering IP multimedia services. IMS is standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). IMS services could be used over any type of network, such as 3GPP LTE, GPRS, Wireless LAN, CDMA2000 or fixed line.

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# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout imsdroid-read-only


* SIP(RFC 3261, 3GPP TS 24.229 Rel-9)
* Signaling Compression, SigComp(RFC 3320, 3485, 4077, 4464, 4465, 4896, 5049, 5112 and 1951)
* Enhanced Address Book (XCAP storage, authorizations, presence, …)
* Partial supports for GSMA Rich Communication Suite release 3
* Partial supports for One Voice Profile V1.0.0 (GSMA VoLTE)
* Partial supports for MMTel UNI (used by GSMA RCS and GSMA VoLTE)
* IMS-AKA registration (both AKA-v1 and AKA-v2), Digest MD5, Basic
* 3GPP Early IMS Security (3GPP TS 33.978)
* Proxy-CSCF discovery using DNS NAPTR+SRV
* Private extension headers for 3GPP
* Service Route discovery
* Subscription to reg event package (Honoring network initiated (re/de/un)-registration events)
* 3GPP SMS Over IP (3GPP TS 23.038, 24.040, 24.011, 24.341 and 24.451)
* Voice Call (AMR-NB, GSM, PCMA, PCMU, Speex-NB)
* Video Call (H264, Theora, H.263, H.263-1998, H.261)
* DTMF (RFC 4733)
* QoS negotiation using Preconditions (RFC 3312, 4032 and 5027)
* SIP Session Timers (RFC 4028)
* Provisional Response Acknowledgments (PRACK)
* Communication Hold (3GPP TS 24.610)
* Message Waiting Indication (3GPP TS 24.606)
* Calling E.164 numbers by using ENUM protocol (RFC 3761)
* NAT Traversal using STUN2 (RFC 5389) with possibilities to automatically discover the server by using DNS SRV (TURN already implemented and ICE is under tests)

Many other features are supported by the underlying framework but not exposed to the user interface (in progress). For more information please refer to doubango website.
These features include: IPv6, OMA Large IM Message (MSRP), File Transfer (MSRP), Image Sharing (IR.79), Video Sharing (IR.74), TLS and IPSec Security Agreement (RFC 3329), Proxy-CSCF discovery using DHCPv4/v6, TURN, …

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