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Openintents (Make Android applications work together) is an open source Android project which aims to collect ideas for tasks that are very likely to be needed in more than one project (and may have been already programmed independently by different programmers), to define together a reasonable and extensible set of intents and interfaces, and to provide a basic, but stable and efficient, implementation that can be used by other Android applications, especially by other participants of the Android Developer Challenge. OpenIntents as a project itself will also participate in this challenge. We will provide small sample programs that demonstrate the usage and ability of OpenIntents.

With “Intents”, the Android platform offers an excellent basis to connect applications and to swap components on the fly. Google has defined a handful of intents (e.g. to call a person, to select a person from the contact list, to start a web browser, to be notified when the battery has changed, … for a complete list see available intents and intent class) but any program is free to define their additional intents and content-providers. One can easily imagine that programs developed independently (as is the case during the Android contest) are not very likely to work together well on newly defined intents and interfaces.

Since the developers will focus their aim on those intents that are frequently required, it is very likely that Google will provide their own standard intents at some later time (for example for calendar functionality, …). When this happens, we will provide transparent interfaces that will directly call the Google implementation and your existing program can make immediate use of new Google functionality without change. Also, since your program is designed to support intents from the start, it will be easy to adapt it to directly support Google standard intents once they become available. It may even be that Google will adopt some of the intents developed at “OpenIntents”. In any case, if your application uses OpenIntents, it will gain value by enhanced interoperability with other applications that support OpenIntents, resulting in an overall better user experience.

OpenIntents will be published under “Apache License 2″, the same license under which Android is released. This will provide commercial and non-commercial third-party developers the same options and possibilities as Android itself.

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peli0101, friedger, zeroogle

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# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout openintents-read-only

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