Open Source Android Apps for developers: android-logger

If you want Logcat running on the emulator or the Android phone, Android logcat viewer android-logger is a good choice!

Apps Description

Logger is a way for you to view the logcat output on your phone. Each type of log message is displayed with a different color. You also have the ability to filter the output to only show you debug, info, warn, error and verbose. You can switch back to seeing all messages by selecting the filter menu option and choosing All from the list. Below are a few screenshots of the application, it is available under the GPLv2 and available to the right, in the Downloads section and in the Android Market.

Project Home

Project owners


Apk Downloads
You can download the latest package on the download section at android-logger project home.

Check Out Source Code

The source for this project is hosted on due to Google Code’s current lack of git support. The link to the repository is below.

Logger Git Repository

To Checkout:







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