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Android books for developers: Hello, Android

Like the most famous programming example “Hello World”, “Hello Android” book may be the good early Android book for the beginners, but not for the one who is familiar with Android and want to understand it deeply.

Before choosing “Hello Android” as my first Android book, an urgent task needed me to develop a simple prototype of Android application. By then, I had not enough time and just programming experiences with C++, Perl, Python and none experience with Java. After reading the Android Developer’s Guide quickly, I decided to choose an Android book which is concise and easy to start, so “Hello Android” book became my candidates, because it’s just 200+ pages, that’s may take me a little time.

Follow the introduction of the “Hello Android” book in the beginning, I created my first Android project “Hello Android” and run it within the Android Emulator, designed the User Interface for the Sudoku example with the XML descriptors, every thing was funny because I have none programming experience in any mobile platform before. But after chapter 3 “Designing the User Interface”, things has changed. I don’t care about the 2D or 3D graphics which may be important for the one who want to develop a game app for Android. I want learn the intents, services and broadcast receivers more which will be used in my Android application, but the “Hello Android” book introduces them simply. I had to give up the “Hello Android” book because I have not enough time to read through it, but actually this Android book is very easy to read, have straightforward examples like the Sudoku and etc. If you have enough time to learn Android, “Hello Android” book may be the right way to start.
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