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Open Source Android Apps for Developers: jMonkeyEngine (Java Based 3D Game Engine)

Open Source Android Apps for Developers: jMonkeyEngine (jMonkey Engine (jME) is a leading Java Based 3D Game Engine)

jMonkey Engine (jME) is a high-performance 3D game engine, written entirely in Java. OpenGL is supported via LWJGL, with JOGL support in development. For sound, OpenAL is supported. Input via the keyboard, mouse, and other controllers is also supported.

jME is a community-driven open source project released under the ‘new BSD license’. It is currently being used by several commercial game studios as well as by university game classes. While the project will continue to support and develop its most popular 2.0 branch for years still to come, a 3.0 branch is quickly emerging in response to higher standards of the next generation in performance and hardware.

Now, Android platform has been surpported by jME3: Android Support Confirmed for jME3
. So jMonkeyEngine may be one of the most important Android game engines:

“The adoption of Android abilities into jME3 means big things for game developers using the engine. The ability to develop for many platforms with expertise in one engine will empower jMonkeyEngine users like never before. Games, scientific applications, and just about anything else you can dream up are all coming to an Android phone near you. One of the most portable, and open source, engines around just got more accessible.”

Project Home

Project owners
ShadowIsLord,…,, normen667, roo…, remy.bouquet



Source Code
# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout jmonkeyengine-read-only
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