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Latest Release of Oracle® Berkeley DB Provides Support for Android Platform

As we all know, the API of Android platform contains support for creating and using SQLite database, which is an ACID-compliant embedded relational database management system contained in a relatively small C programming library. Today, Oracle announced the latest release of Oracle® Berkeley DB-11g Release 2-now offers interface for SQL developers and support for Android.

Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 introduces a new SQL API, based on SQLite, which is familiar to a large developer community and helps simplify application development. SQLite Tools integration means that all tools that work with SQLite will also work with Oracle Berkeley DB, making it easier to develop, deploy and manage Oracle Berkeley DB applications and databases. In addition, Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 introduces support for the Android platform, offering developers the ability to develop and deploy a wide range of applications.Android support has been added to Oracle Berkeley DB’s long list of supported platforms allowing application developers to deploy Oracle Berkeley DB applications on an even broader range of devices.

Other new features and benefits include:

* New SQL API enables application developers to utilize SQL skills with the flexibility to choose APIs that best meet their technical requirements;

* Flexible configuration including the library, cache size, database location and transactions under the control of embedding application;

* Improved SQL concurrency, performance and reliability using Oracle Berkeley DB storage engine’s fine-grained locking mechanism and write-ahead logging underneath the SQLite API;

* Simplified Data synchronization using the Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server which enables automatic provisioning and synchronization of Oracle Berkeley DB mobile applications and databases;

Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 will be available for download on March 31, 2010.

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