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Tips for Android developer: Android SDK tools PATH setting

After you installed the Android SDK, it’s a good idea to add the tools directory to your search path, which includes a useful collection of command-line tools.


Suppose you install the Android in”D:\ android-sdk-windows\tools”, there two methods to set the PATH, one is use the command:

set path=%path%;D:\ android-sdk-windows\tools;

Another is by:

My Computer->Property->Advanced->Environment Variables->Edit Path Variable and add “D:\ android-sdk-windows\tools” into the Path Variables.

Linux and Mac:

Edit the ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile, add “export PATH=$PATH:/tools”, such as:

1. Linux:export PATH=$PATH: /android-sdk-linux/tools

2. Mac:export PATH=$PATH: /android-sdk-Mac_x86/tools

After saved the file, excuting “source ./.bashrc ” to make the PATH setting become effective.

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