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Android books for developers: Unlocking Android

I love this Android book so much, it covers a lot of Android knowledge which I want to know, include Android basics, Android SDK cores and Android applications. Especially, I’m very interesting the chapter 7 and chap 8, which tell about Android Telephony and Notifictions. But I have met a strange thing when I practice with the SMSNotifyExample, everything is OK but it does not work in Android SDK 2.1. I didn’t know what happened and how can I fix the examples? And finally, I found the reason in Manning Forums:

“The android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED Intent action was removed from the documentation prior to v1.5 release but at the same time continues to function. It also seems that this reference is required when setting up a BroadcastReceiver for SMS Messaging.”

That’s the problem of Android Fragmentation, and you can find the Android platform versions distributions here. For Unlocking Android, the update book will come and the problem may be resolved. And for Android developers, if you need the complete codes of the Android book, you can download or browse them here:
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